Sound Exposure: Midtown Music 2

Poster art by Neil Robinson

Poster art by Neil Robinson


When: Nov 22.  You’re Welcome starts things off at 5 p.m.

Where: City Pres 829 NW 13th  (You can get into the parking lot from 13th or Classen. Hit the bird’s eye view on the map, you’ll see what I mean.)

Cost: $5 cover, bring extra $$$ if you plan to hit up the bar and food options. Event is open to 18+, must be 21 to drink.

Line-up: Star Death and White Dwarfs, Tallows, Bored Wax, Galactique (new), and the Spy FM program You’re Welcome.

At the event to your FB calendar here.

— Alright. If you’ve been searching for a dream pop, shoe gaze showcase, with hints of retro psychedelia and other “vintage-y” sounds in OKC, or if you’ve been patiently waiting for another one of these type of shows to pop up again, this is the event for you.

If this is your first time catching news of the Midtown Music series, basically the inaugural event took place in late June on Packard’s rooftop in Midtown. I would enjoy another summer show up there again as it was simply fantastic and the weather eased up in time to make it a really nice evening.

That said, I’m looking forward to catching the next event at City Pres.

Jim Burns took me on a tour. From the bar to the seating, I think this is going to be a great show.

Jim Burns and crew invited me along to check out the venue last month. From the bar area to the seating options, I think this is going to be a great show.


If you love reverb of the hall or cathedral variety, this could get interesting. It’s also all plugged-in too, and organizer Jim Burns said Stardeath and White Dwarfs will have their light show on stage at this one, which is another new thing. If you went to Norman Music Festival this year and caught Stardeath playing behind Opolis to a very large crowd, you’ll have an idea of what’s in store. If not, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Other new things:  J. Mays, from Cafe 7, has a special menu planned. I sent off some questions about the beer and food he plans to offer at Midtown Music 2. You can check that out in the quick Q/A below.

Final notes: there’s not a lot of repetition on this line up, which is refreshing for those who are always on the prowl for new music and catching bands they’ve yet to see. Really, only Bored Wax, who are great live, return along with the Spy FM’s You’re Welcome radio program, which features music played on vinyl. If you missed their Midtown Music set this past June, you can check out the podcast here.  The You’re Welcome duo (Kellen & Beau) play songs between sets. To get a feel for what they like to spin, check their Facebook page for past playlists and/or like You’re Welcome’s page to get reminders when new podcasts are up.



Food, Yo’

OKC.NET:  What’s the back story on this “Recession Special” idea and how is your menu highlighting the Okie version of that at Midtown Music 2? Also how much do you plan to price food and beer, and what options are available?

J. Mays: On a recent trip to Nashville we visited Robert’s Western World, one of the all time great honky tonks of Nash-Vegas. On the wall they have a giant banner that reads “Recession Special,” and for $5 you get a fried bologna sandwich, 16oz PBR, and a moon pie. Pretty amazing. The bologna is cooked on a flat top grill until it begins to brown creating a very unique flavor.

All food items will be around the $5 range. We will feature our own griddle sandwich the “Mama Kass,” which will be a fried ham sandwich served on white bread with house mustard. There will also be a “Walking Taco,” which is a bag of Doritos cut open and loaded up with seasoned ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sauces. There’s also High School Nachos loaded with jalapeño, pepperoncini, & peppadews. Beers will start around $3 and we will feature Pabst Blue Ribbon, Founders All Day IPA, and a collection of Oklahoma brews. We will also have some great wines available too.

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