OKC.NET now gets over half a million page views per month. We have a Facebook following of over 51,000, located mostly in Oklahoma and North Texas. Our readers are young, educated, and like to shop and eat out (but really, who doesn’t love to do those things?). And it bears mentioning that on 365 Things to Do in Oklahoma City we’ve been growing by about 1,000 followers every two weeks.


To make it super easy, we have a small selection of sizes to choose from, all you need to do is click the ad size you want to pay for it.


300 x 250 pixels

$60 per month


300 x 250 pixels

300 x 250 pixels



300 x 500 pixels

$100 per month


300 x 250 pixels

300 x 250 pixels


728 x 90 pixels

$150 per month



728 X 90

Social Media Plans Available

Rates are negotiable. Typically it is your budget for ads on the page you’d like to place a sponsored post(s) plus a 30% listing fee.

E-mail: or 365 Things to do in OKC for quotes.

Text Ad on Website

$25 per month

After you pay, email us your artwork at along with your name, phone number, and a link to your website.

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