Executive Editor

Colin Newman


Managing Editor

Helen Grant


Contributing Writers, Photographers, Multimedia producers:

Osi Aken’Ova

Najah Amatullah

Narciso Argüelles

Brittany Dalton

Natalee Dobbs

Elizabeth Dowds

Clayton Flesher

Andy Gomez

Kassidi Growall

Brandon Isaak

Dylan Johnson

Nathan Lee

Danny Marroquin

Weston Mize

Shannon Moham

Derek Moore

James Nghiem

Rustin Sparks

Jerry Stegall

Lyndsie Stremlow

Patricia Waldron

Justin Watson

Former Editors, Writers, Multimedia producers:

Jennifer Barron

Cody Bromley

Liz Drew

Grace Gordon

Leah Kayajanian

Samantha Lamb

Kenny Madison

Daniel Page

For general inquires e-mail: okcdotnet@gmail.com

4 comments to “OKC.NET Staff”
  1. I constantly forget to check your website. Yet, almost every day I click on something at the Gothamist website, which is a NY web publication. I think the reason for that is that they send an email. I don’t do feeds as such, but I click on links in emails. Just a suggestion, that you maybe do a weekly email with short blurbs for that week’s new articles. Check out the gothamist email for what I’m talking about — http://gothamist.com/

  2. Hi we are producing this new festival and we see that you have a huge following in OKC. Our headliner is Kurupt, Tha Dogg Pound and Eazy E’s sons are making a special appearance. They have a new album coming out and their going to promote it. There is going to be a Red Carpet and full press. Our sponsors are Finder Guitars, OKC Party Bus, RedBull, and the list goes on. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/ebsRapBattle and you can contact me at anytime at 424-666-9353. Thank You

    Invite everyone you know to this event

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