Sound Exposure: August SoundCloud Mix

Helen Grant

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that none of our regular writers, and for that matter management, want to return from summer break. I mean, who really wants to come back to work, honestly. And isn’t the unfettered joy in “freedom from work responsibilities” glorious? Just who in the hell turns down “glorious” anyway?

Given this logic and/or slacker mentality, not unlike the band Total Slacker (kudos random Hipster if you know who I’m talking about AND know who their first drummer is related to, like seriously fist bumps bitch, because you’re operating on a level most are not), YOU, dear reader, may infer that the only way I can be dragged back into regularly writing is through the current on-goings in music, locally or internationally, and only in regards to very specific genres.

If you’re new to this indie webzine // social media thingmajig, because hey we picked up over 2,000 new Facebook followers on 365 Things to Do in OKC when we were on “hiatus” last month, I’m going to tell you now that we’re music heavy in what we write about on this iteration of We just like so much of it.

If I had to pick which local band I wanted see in heart beat between Bored Wax and Horse Thief, it would be a hard call. Luckily they have two events coming-up on separate nights in the OKC metro. Bored Wax (with their sweet swirling of guitars in combination with a dynamic bass line, are good live) will play The Society’s 3rd anniversary show at Live on the Plaza this Friday August 8th. And next Friday Horse Thief (on Bella Union), fresh from their recent tour and promoting their recent album “Fear in Bliss,” will play in Norman at the Opolis on  August 15th. We’ll also post about other music shows in the metro on our FB pages as they come up.

Music is, for better or worse, the only constant in our lives. I feel like I can speak for the majority of the staff and’s founder, Colin Newman, on this point.

SO what does that mean for new music this month?  You should skip the next few paragraphs and take a listen for yourself.

BUT if you need more info than that, alright, just know that I’m less than pleased that Bear in Heaven’s “You Don’t Need the World“ (for people who like Washed Out’s “Amor Fati“) off their 2014 release with Dead Oceans “Time is Over One Day Old”  is not available on Soundcloud. Same said for Jack Garratt’s “Remnants” – also only on Spotify. Still The Growlers, Parlour, and Deep Sea Diver’s recent offerings are seriously good. They’re pretty much the only reason I’m using Soundcloud this go round. Plus I like Great Ytene (on Bella Union), and I like their cover of Orange Juice’s snarky “Untitled Melody” for Marshall Tellers‘ “Broken Record Vol. 1” compilation, which “…gathers weird and wonderful tracks from their roster, past, present, and future.”

Also Dralms (on Fat Possum and based in Vancouver) have a recent single out on Soundcloud as well. Fat Possum describes their single as: “Dralms is the soundtrack of the quiet hours of a hot summer night, Smith’s soft, sultry vocals intertwining thick and heavy bass and synth lines.  Half sweaty, underground club, half dream-like euphoria – Dralms debut single is the afterglow of an epic night on the town.” And if you like tons of vocal reverb, that track “Divisions of Labour” is going to treat your ears oh, so good.

Simply put: when it comes to music streaming platforms, there’s no such thing as a perfect one. But I like the groups I’ve put into this week’s playlist. Yes, even Philip Selway, best known as the drummer of Radiohead, is making me happy. Hand-to-heart, Selway’s 2010 debut solo album Familial is quite good and worth a listening session if you’re not familiar with it. Anyway, this new track “Coming Up For Air” reminds me of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop.” Don’t ask me how, it just does.

I’m sure next week will see me writing about other local concerts coming up and Mike Hadreas’ aka Perfume Genius’ new track “Queen” off his soon-to-be released album, and also possibly using Spotify to highlight other artists’ songs I can’t find on Soundcloud. Really, check out Jack Garratt’s 2014 offering if you have the time and inclination. “Remnants,” the title track is for people who like Lo-Fang, James Blake, and Hozier.


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