THE LI$T: 7.1.14- The Welcome Back Extended Bonus/Potential World Cup Soundtrack Edition

Derek Moore


At long last, we meet again LI$TNRS. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve compiled and submitted a playlist for you, and I hope you’ll forgive me for the days we’ve spent apart. If you recall correctly, I was on tour with my band DEERPEOPLE, and given that a successful career as a musician is one of my ultimate goals in life, I felt the tour took precedence over my other current obligations.

However, the fact that I’ve been running around the west side of the country for a few weeks does not mean that I haven’t been keeping up with releases of note in the meantime. To prove it, I’m giving you TWO, count em, TWO complete LI$TS.

Granted, these playlists won’t be quite as current as usual, but all of the songs included are still from albums released within the span of time I was gone. Basically, I’m catching you back up so neither of us has missed anything. It’s like I was never gone at all, really.

On another note, I don’t know if any of you are avidly keeping up with the World Cup excitement like I have been lately, but I’d like to point out that each LI$T is just less than 45 minutes long, making each one approximately the length of one half of gameplay. If you’re having to illegally stream the games in Russian (thank you, Internet) or keep them on mute while covertly watching them at work, these playlists might just make the perfect soundtrack for your game-watching experience.

So when three o’clock strikes- I’m talkin’ central time- and the big USA v. Belgium game is ready to commence, cue these LI$TS up, and let the magic happen. The only more fitting music I can imagine is a complete collection of John Philip Sousa’s patriotic marches, so if you’ve already got that lined up on Spotify, I understand and encourage your pre-planned decision. Otherwise, give my suggestion a shot.

My final gift to you is that I’m not even going to ramble on with my musings about the songs I’m sharing because I like you all that much (…and the lack of timeliness of these playlists kinda ruins the whole point anyway).

Welcome back, me, and happy listening, all of you. Until next week.



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