Crouching Tiger Pose, Hidden Dragon Yoga

Kassidi Growall


After years of wear and tear from playing sports, my work out routine is limited. I can no longer handle a strenuous run without my knees and ankles crying “Uncle!” Then I happened to come across a Groupon for Hidden Dragon Yoga in Midtown Oklahoma City and haven’t looked back.

Hidden Dragon is a hot yoga studio located at 10th and Oklahoma. The white brick and wooden walls of the vast studio house the practice, providing the perfect sanctuary. At first, I was nervous about looking like a noob while trying to do some of the positions, but I was not alone. In every class I have attended there are students of all levels and honestly, you’re so focused on holding your own positions that you hardly notice anyone else. The nine brilliant instructors are friendly and willing to help everyone, staying for questions afterward, and making gentle adjustments to your stance when needed as they are walking throughout the class.


Photo courtesy of Desirae Penton.

Photo courtesy of Desirae Penton.


They have an array of classes for all levels of yoga, even a kid’s class called The Sun on Sundays, and don’t object to beginners trying out the more difficult sessions. A friend of mine came and took advantage of their Welcome Package, which includes 10 consecutive days of unlimited classes for $10.00. Never having any yoga experience, he wanted to jump in and attended The Surprise, an hour long alignment class with high heat that is designed for Level 2 students. He said that after seeing the incredible positions experienced yogis are capable of, such as standing on your head, the challenge to have such strength and control in yourself was enticing enough for him to get a membership.


Photo courtesy of Desirae Penton.

Photo courtesy of Desirae Penton.


If you have a desire to do yoga in the wide open spaces of nature, you’ll have a chance this weekend on May 31st. The instructors will meet at the studio at 7:30 a.m. to caravan down and experience the beautiful Wichita Mountains with an hour long hike leading up to the yoga session. The trek will only cost a minimum donation of $10.00 with the proceeds going towards autism and you can sign up ahead of time or just show up that morning.

Last but definitely not least, if you’re in Oklahoma City’s Northern stretch of the cement, Hidden Dragon Yoga is coming to you! Scheduled to open near the end of June, you can find your center at the Southeast corner of 150th and Western in the Glen Eagles Plaza. I highly recommend it, they have not only helped me in finding a means of exercise I love, but also in providing a release from my work day and a full appreciation of self-preservation as I challenge my mind and body to work together. Namaste.

For more information about the studio and see what classes are available either in Edmond (opens Summer 2014) or Midtown see this link. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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