THE LI$T: 5.27.14


Derek Moore

Hello, LI$TNRS. I hope this LI$T finds you in a relaxed, rejuvenated state as that magnificent three-day weekend known as Memorial Day has so recently graced us with its wondrous existence. Personally I couldn’t be more thankful for the time off since my band DEERPEOPLE is about to embark on another near-month long tour that kicks off this Friday, May 30th at Blue Note in Oklahoma City. If you feel like joining us for that show, details are here. While this will be an exciting trip for me in which I might meet my maker because bands seem to have terrible luck with transportation across large portions of land, it also means that I won’t be back here with a fresh LI$T for several weeks. My apologies. Sometimes you can’t help the constant crying demand (or something like that… maybe more of a hushed whisper?) for your name across the nation, you know? Now that the formalities of catching up have been covered, let’s delve into this week’s batch of music. Side note, the first six tracks have female vocalists leading the charge. Way to go, ladies.

  • Little Dragon has been around long enough that you should know how awesome she is. Newest album Nabuma Rubberband holds up to par.
  • The Dø has also been around for some time, building a respectable reputation along the way. With their latest single “Keep Your Lips Sealed,” they’ve taken a step away from the cuter charm of their music while channeling into a militant march, as if to say, “we mean business.”
  • Sylvan Esso’s self-titled debut album is easily one of my favorites of the year so far, if not my favorite. “Uncatena” is a highlight, but you REALLY need to listen to the whole album. Seriously. Do it.
  • Fatima’s new to me, but her unique, impressive blend of wonky jazz/soul/funk is right up my alley.
  • Chromeo’s back with another LP, and the track I picked for this LI$T is a collaboration with Solange because maybe just maybe her being in the news lately will pull my article into a Google search that will maybe just maybe expand readership. That, and the song’s pretty damn good. If you like Chromeo, you’ll like the new album.
  • Mirah’s been absent from the scene for about five years, but her return is triumphant. Changing Light is subtle yet powerful and epic at just the right moments. I’d highly recommend a proper spin of her latest release.
  • Emo rock seems to be making a comeback as of late, and though it’s not usually my cup of tea, this jarring track from Paws struck a nerve with its sudden swells of intensity and volume. It recalls Weezer’s classic “My Name is Jonas,” which can be a great thing if executed properly, and here, it was.
  • Self-described as a psychedelic boy band, Edinburgh-based Young Fathers sounds more like alternative hip hop to me. Yes it’s weird, but it merits a listen with such strange descriptions and hype surrounding the group.
  • Dub Thompson is also new to me, so I don’t have much to say about the duo. What I can say is they’re recently signed to Dead Oceans, so the promise of their forthcoming album 9 Songs, out June 10th, is high.

That’s all from me. Assuming I make it back from this tour alive, I’ll be back in a month with some new tunes to share and discuss. I hope you can make it through our time apart, tough as it will be. Viva la DEERPEOPLE!


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