THE LI$T: 4.22.14



Derek Moore

There’s a big weekend looming in the near future, LI$TNRS, and if history can tell us anything, it’s going to be a real hootenanny. That’s right, Norman Music Festival will be starting its seventh go-round, and as this is typically one of my favorite weekends to live in Oklahoma, I personally can’t wait.

Because I’m privileged enough to write for a medium that people actually see, I’m going to go ahead and take a quick moment to shamelessly self-promote the two shows in which I will be occupying the stage this weekend.

  • Limber Limbs will be playing Friday night at 9 pm at The Blue Bonnet Stage.
  • DEERPEOPLE will be playing Saturday night at 7 pm at The Opolis Outdoor Stage.

There, now that that’s out of the way, we can get back to official LI$T business. Here are the highlights from this week.

  • Todd Terje’s latest album will undoubtedly make you groove. His unabashed take on ‘80s nostalgia synth-driven dance pop is admirable, and the fact that this track is called “It’s Album Time” pretty much forced me to position it at the front of this playlist.
  • Horse Thief, along with being some of the nicest guys you can meet in the Oklahoma City music scene, are also incredibly talented. Fear in Bliss, their first album released after signing with Bella Union, will exceed your expectations while drawing from multiple influences to create a splendid breed of music all their own. I highly recommend you give the full album a spin. You should also try to catch them at Norman Music Festival on Saturday at 3 pm on the Main Stage.
  • While Hiss Golden Messenger’s album Haw came out last year, it only just recently became available for streaming on Spotify. Because I love Hiss Golden Messenger, I felt I needed to include a track this week.
  • Woods* have come a LONG way since their upstart in 2005. Their latest, With Light and with Love, is more polished than you’d expect, given their lo-fi beginnings, but it ends up working to their advantage. I would highly recommend giving this full album a listen as well.
  • School of Language has somewhat of a Talking Heads vibe that I find remarkably charming. It’s quirky and funky, and I love it. I think you will too.
  • I’ve mentioned Australian based soul-synth singer Chet Faker on a previous LI$T, and now he’s released a full-length. If you’ve enjoyed his work thus far, you’ll enjoy this album too.
  • Teebs makes beautiful ethereal electronica, which is why I hurry to listen to anything he releases. E s t a r a  does not disappoint. Jump in headfirst while zoning/blissing out.

I hope to see some of you out and about this weekend in Norman, even if it’s not at one of my shows. The important part is that you’re out there embracing, supporting and enjoying one of the coolest things to ever happen to the Oklahoma arts scene. And of course, I’ll see you back here next week with another batch of new tunes.



*Editor’s Note: Woods will be playing Austin Psych Fest next weekend.   Expect to see lists out of us in preparation of the trip.

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