THE LI$T: 4.1.14


Derek Moore


Greetings, LI$TNRS. Don’t worry, I can’t think of anything clever to try to fool you with in celebration of this particularly annoying holiday, when everyone becomes a failed comedian, so you can feel safe while you’re here. On another note, Spring weather has finally arrived, and I’d recommend enjoying this selection of tunes while simultaneously enjoying the wonderful benefits afforded to us by said season. It’ll just be better that way.

Here come the highlights.

  • Love ‘em or hate ‘em, The Black Keys are back with a new album TURN BLUE, due May 13th.
  • Singles, the latest album from Future Islands, is just plain great. If you’re new to this band, brace yourself. Singer Sam Herring’s voice packs quite a growl when he wants it to. For a taste of what you’re getting into, check out their network TV debut performance from a few weeks back. Come for the music, stay for the dance moves.
  • Bart Davenport’s new to me, but I thought the lyrics to this track made it LI$T-worthy. Also, the lyrics are explicit, so this track is NSFW.
  • The Strypes are also new to me, but their recent energy-charged performance on Letterman placed them firmly on my radar. Isn’t it nice to see Letterman getting genuinely excited about the bands performing on his show lately? You can watch the aforementioned clip here.
  • With 12 tracks that clock in a total of 12 minutes running time, Tony Molina’s latest album Dissed and Dismissed is a brief, yet interesting ride. What hooked me were the immediate lines drawn to early Weezer, in their blue album days.
  • And finally, The Range makes the perfect breed of sparkling pensive electronica with which I love to close out these playlists.

That’s enough out of me. I hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I do, and I hope to see you back here next Tuesday when I have another fresh LI$T ready for your consumption. Goodbye for now.


One comment to “THE LI$T: 4.1.14”
  1. I’m really amused by this list. Not digging that track from The Black Keys though. I feel like their new album will be on par with how I felt about Broken Bells’ new album when I first heard their single.

    Speaking of singles, I giggle inside every time I hear Future Islands’ “Fall From Grace.” I’ve been reading about their album, some people either love or hate that screamo section.

    And “No Where To Go” and other songs on Molina’s album are totally Blue era Weezer. Good call!

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