Girlie Show 2013: And That’s That

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The final Girlie Show ended on a high note just as the founders, Dawn Harth, Erin Merryweather, and Marilyn Artus, intended. It combined just about all of my favorite things into one awesome event, which was always chocked full of: artsy women entrepreneurs with unique booths, live music, great drinks and snacks from top-notch restaurants around OKC. Eventually burlesque dancers entered the picture, but before that it wasn’t uncommon to see gals walking around in signature porcelain corsets by Nicole Moan, and more.

While Deluxe and Adele Wolfe’s Burlesque and Variety Show are two separate events that happen regularly, and I know my way around the metro for great music, still I will sincerely miss this one stop shop for all of it.

Melissa Stewart's colorful and whimsical paintings can be found on

Melissa Stewart’s colorful and whimsical paintings can be found on

Musically Bat-Or Kalo and Ali Harter both had performances that stand out to mind this year. And there were a few artist booths that repeatedly caught my eye. Like Melissa Stewart of Meow Kapow, from Austin, who had some of the most adorable Adventure Time paintings I’ve seen floating around. There was also Kalee Jones of The Belknap Chapter Studio, who had some cool metal and stained glass work from light catchers to jewelry.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.29.34 PM

If you missed it, you can check our Flickr set for photos of some performances and look at this list for the artists who were present. There are links to their websites. Sad as it is to see this show go, I’m sure the door has been left open for another event of this kind to come forward.

Ginger Valentine on Friday night at The Girlie Show 2013.

Ginger Valentine on Friday night at The Girlie Show 2013.

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