THE LI$T 10/1/13

by Derek Moore

Welcome to October, folks. I’m going to usher you into this month with a new LI$T that veers from the more raucous side of psych and garage influences to a tamer side of rock that revs the engine one last time before finally settling in a pleasant state of tranquili-bliss.

There are two huge personal highlights in this mix that I’d recommend listening to immediately in case you can’t give the whole thing a spin just yet.

  • “Suddenly” by Anna Calvi is the soundtrack to my life right now. I listen to it way more than I should, and when I’m not listening to it, the hook in the chorus seems to be constantly repeating itself in my head. Normally I’d be annoyed by this, but somehow I just end up more encouraged to turn the song on at my next possible opportunity. Besides the fact that she’s an amazing guitarist, the craftsmanship (or is it craftspersonship these days?) in the composition of this song is impeccable. If the rest of the album, due out next week, holds up to these standards, it’ll be a frontrunner for a top spot in my favorite releases this year.

  • “Breathe This Air” by Jon Hopkins featuring Purity Ring is a pensive, pulsating track from two artists for whom I hold deep respect. On paper, the collaboration sounds like a dream, and the auditory results land in the same dreamlike territory. Ethereal and just glitchy enough at times, this track is perfect for drifting off into the depths of your mind’s imagination.

I hope this LI$T guides you smoothly into the new month, and make sure to check back next Tuesday for a fresh batch of music. Ciao for now.

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