Sound Exposure: “And Stirs” Mixtape

Here at we have an array of musical tastes. Sometimes there’s overlap, sometimes there are differences. I listen to a lot of music, but mostly what I’ve been listening to has been shaped by what’s available on Soundcloud. For instance, sometimes people post songs the rest of the public can’t hear yet because it’s been shared by a private link and other times I find I’m stringing themes together into a little mix of songs based on what pops up in the music stream.

Since I like making up stories, I’m always looking for a thread of narrative when I construct mixes. Other people make lists based on genres and whatever other guidelines they’re using. So this is my supplemental mix for the weekend as it was good to find more recent efforts from Of Montreal, Pillars and Tongues, and Drowner. Each had songs that seemed to echo others I put on “The Plot Thickens” Mixtape.

So first up on this new mix is a song called “Glow” by Drowner. They’re a Huston based band and this one is from their debut album “You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You.” Saint Marie Records gave few permissions to share this track on various blogs and among various users, but mostly they made it unavailable to the rest of the Soundcloud community until Drowner’s record dropped.  The album has been out since Aug. 13th, but “Glow” has been floating around for months and months.

Also on this mix is another Of Montreal song “She Ain’t Speakin’ Now,” which highlights a new kind of sound for this Athens, Ga. band. You can read more about them in that other article about the last mix I made.

Brooklyn Vegan also put up a new Pillars and Tongues‘ track “Points of Light.” Pillars and Tongues are from Chicago and their latest effort “End Dances” comes out on Empty Cellar Records Sept. 17th. They might be for people who liked the new Low album “The Invisible Way” released earlier in the year and maybe for those who like the Austin based band Shearwater too. Shearwater, incidentally, is releasing an album of reworked cover songs entitled “Fellow Travelers.” Pillars and Tongues are also label mates with The Cairo Gang, which was featured in an earlier mix as well.

So that’s a little bit of background about the music you’re about to hear.







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