THE LI$T: 9/3/13

By Derek Moore

First off, I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend by celebrating with an enormous lack of labor.

However, if you weren’t able to celebrate as such, you must work for a heartless, cold-blooded demon being.

Alright… that might have been an exaggeration, but I feel your pain nonetheless.

That’s why I’ve collected this particular smattering of songs- for your recovery from painstakingly toiling the hours away while so many of your friends flagrantly gallivanted about, flaunting their freedom before your tired eyes.

To assist you through such trying times, this li$t is meant to serve as your guide through sentiments of rejuvenation, catharsis, satisfaction and invigoration. Again, I hope it finds you well, and I hope you enjoy it.


[Editor’s note: The Dodos also have another great song off “Carrier” called “Substance“. Been looking for a way to get that on a mix for weeks. Glad Derek included something from them this week. Happy listening folks!]

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