Haunt the Runway 4: Vampire in Bricktown

Why, yes, those are Eddie Murphy’s eyes from “Vampire in Brooklyn” staring back at you.


If you like exclusive, original, accessible fashion and prefer an upscale entertainment environment, then consider spending the Saturday before Halloween at the 4th annual Haunt the Runway show in Bricktown. The event is a collaboration between Ph.D. Entertainment, Vane Magazine, and KoKo Dolls.

Haunt the Runway is Ph.D. Entertainment’s brainchild. Photos from the past three events can be found on their website: phdentertainment.com. There, you will find HTR4 under the events tab as well as all of the information for buying your ticket. Or add Phd Highest Degree as a friend on Facebook and request to be invited to the event. Tickets must be purchased online through Eventbrite, which is password protected. Follow the directions on the page to unlock the event location. Tickets are $11 until Wednesday Oct. 24th at noon and then the price changes to $15.

This year’s theme “Vampire in Bricktown” came from Jaren Collins, Chief of Photography and Creative Design at Vane Magazine. He was inspired by the movie “Vampire in Brooklyn” and the look book Collins is designing for the event includes a touch of Edward-Bella style angst-ridden love.

Collins met Ph.D. Entertainment’s Quintin Hughes while he was in the engineering program at OU. After changing his major to business, Collins did a photography internship with Ph.D.’s Victor Harris back when the entertainment group started to gain momentum. Collins worked with Ph.D. on a past event, $3 Thursdays, in Norman and is used to collaborating with them on design and promotional materials.

“I’m really excited for this event because we’re going to bring something that Oklahoma City hasn’t done before,” Collins says. “I think it’s going to be very successful…lights, camera, action, costumes, and sexiness.”

Another addition to this year’s HTR is the fashion show spearheaded by Kira Lasley CEO of KoKo Dolls. The doors for the event open around 9 p.m., but the fashion starts at 11 p.m. Lasley told me there are more than twenty models split into groups of light and darkness, good and evil if you will. On the “light” side, the audience can expect fashion incorporating and inspired by “flowy-ness, bold accents, and head pieces” as opposed to the dark side’s “leather and chains.” Lasley is the lead visionary and stylist working with four local makeup artists.

She is also a singer and jewelry designer whose company, KoKo Dolls, is doing more and more as the weeks pass. Lasley met the members of Ph.D. Entertainment separately – she attended the University of Oklahoma also – and reconnected with them about three years ago. She has performed at Sunset Sundays a couple of times. Her involvement in HTR4 came about during a conversation with her friends. They asked her to participate and she accepted the challenge. This will be her first time officially working with Jaren Collins, although her jewelry adorns a model featured on the cover of the latest issue of Vane magazine.

Lasley said she is excited about how easy the short-notice project has been to coordinate. She wants the audience to be prepared for a unique experience: jewelry, outfits, and atmosphere. Lasely says everything on the runway will be available to purchase. If you can’t make the event, or you are especially inspired by it, visit KoKo Dolls Facebook page or KoKoDolls.com. Each month, Lasley produces a one-of-a-kind “dollbox” of items for $29.99. The contents include some of her jewelry, as well as makeup, music, or whatever kind of creation artists want to include. It’s always a surprise. Supplies are limited, so order on her website or via email (dollboxx@gmail.com) until Sunday, November 4.

Come to Haunt the Runway 4: Vampire in Bricktown to see the work of local models, Oklahoma City’s premier makeup artists, Kira Lasley’s new and vintage jewelry and style, and experience a Halloween party Ph.D. style. Watch for Jaren Collins’s Catch 22 look book online.

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