Zombies. Music. Dancing. Zombical!

OCU student Daniel Bottoms created this West Side Story meets Zombie Apocalypse meets indie rock musical. Helen Grant talks to him about it.

[youtube clip_id=”CFECUw3yQTM”]

Why did you want to make this Zombical video?


I am a Moving Image Art student at Oklahoma City University. Making films about zombies kept coming up and I am personally not a fan of gore movies. At the same time “West Side Story” was a topic of study in school. I formed the idea of a musical battle of zombies and monks. I found many enthusiastic volunteers for the project.
Where was it shot?


The night scenes were done at my home outside my old sheet metal barn.

Who was involved?


Kathryn Dickens OCU student recruited and choreographed the dancers. The couple Dancing at the Myriad Gardens is Tenasha Williams and Dexter Bishop both trained in theatre and dance at OCU. The band is Motown Blood, from Oklahoma City. I made a music video for the band. I competed in Judo also in my past and have friends like Pat Burris and his students of USA Stars to thank for their help in the film.

I am a registered nurse of many years and have become a student and creator of films for about 4 1/2 years now. My wife Dianna is also a nurse. We have six children total and the red headed little girl you see in Zombical is our youngest Kaitlyn.

How long did it take?


The real film I intended requires more shooting than we could accomplish. Most of what you see was done in one night.

Is there a part 2?


I didn’t go into film school with a plan to act, but I got good feedback on my performances and I enjoy working on both sides of the camera. I would like to make filmmaking a full time career. I have life experiences, like in my career nursing, I would like to share with the voice of the camera. Zombical could be a feature length film. It would be great fun and I think very marketable.
What are your favorite films and do you have hobbies?

Some of my favorite films are “Sunset Blvd,” “Jaws,” “Groundhog’s Day,”
Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” “Grand Torino,” and “Blade Runner.”
I enjoy photography and sports cars. I solo race occasionally with the SCCA. Sports Car Club of America.

You can see more serious topics in my films like ,”Heaven’s Buffalo” and “Faith over Fear in Oklahoma” on You Tube.

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