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Spice. It seems like such an easy thing, right? Pop off the lid, apply liberally or to taste, and begin the process of making something really exquisite to sink your teeth into. But there’s the dedicated effort that goes into developing new blends. It’s an art form; it’s a science. And since OKC is blooming with new businesses these days, it is little wonder we should be presented with new options.

I was contacted by Jordan Winn, owner of Dead Rooster Co. and was intrigued by their company’s website. I like to blend my own spices for the most part, but I’m not always in the mood to do that as it can sometimes be time consuming. And for all the times I’ve thought about it, I’ve yet to dedicate a day to tweaking a basic Indian curry or garam masla recipe from scratch. And then there’s the thrill of discovery to be had in sampling another spice blend that mixes new flavors with well-known ones in ways you wouldn’t have thought to combine.

Naturally this led to some questions about their company…

OKC.NET: I read that this started at a family and friends style party, did you all have recipes in mind from the word go?

Winn: That 4th of July weekend a few years ago was really where the idea first began. We do an annual American weekend trip to a buddy’s house, in the middle of miles of farmland to cook as much food as we possibly can. So when the Dead Rooster Co. talk started then, we had been experimenting with a lot of different flavor profiles for awhile. Following that trip, it really took about a year of work to test and tweak recipes before I finalized the lineup we offer now. Had to perfect them!

OKC.NET: Where can people find it?

Winn: We do the majority of sales through our website, deadrooster.co. And for our friends living around OKC, our rubs can be found in Weldon Jack, DNA Galleries and Plenty Mercantile. We really love the culture that Western, Plaza District and Automobile Alley have created and are so happy to be at home in those districts!


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OKC.NET: Do you have any special July 4th recipes you want to share?

Winn: One of our absolute favorites we recommend everyone try this year – tri tip steak with chimichurri sauce, a very unique Argentinian condiment. First you start with a nice tri tip cut, and generously cover with Black Gold, our spicy chocolate coffee dry rub that’s pretty stinking addictive. You can either slow smoke it or grill it to get a beautiful crust. Once you’re done cooking, cut the tri tip into 1 inch slices and smother in the chimichurri sauce (recipe is on our website for this). If cooked medium rare to medium, this flavor combination is one of the best things we have ever stumbled on.

OKC.NET: Why the name “Dead Rooster”?

Winn: Coming up with a memorable name can sometimes take forever. For us, Dead Rooster was one of the very first names tossed out there and we ran with it ever since then.

OKC.NET: Is Jamaican Jerk rub an offering? Because the name implies you might have one. Or it at least seems like a natural fit.

Winn: I have a Jamaican Jerk mix that is almost perfected, just not released yet. I think there are 4-5 more flavor profiles in the mix. Those will most likely be released in single batches, similar to how breweries have seasonal beers they only offer for limited runs. The goal starting out was not to offer a ton of options; I’ve always found too many choices makes it difficult to commit to anything. If you don’t know what I mean, try deciding on what to eat at that cheesecake restaurant down the road. I decided to launch with three flavors total and in the future release the other concepts when the time is right.

OKC.NET: What haven’t I asked that you feel is important that people know?

Winn: It’s important for people to know why Dead Rooster Co. exists in the first place. Obviously, we love good flavor and have just about perfected the art of creating those. The real motivation behind this product though is the aspect of community that is fostered by simple and savory meals. Many of our existing relationships began and grew over mealtimes, and especially outdoor cookouts. We just make those crossroads in people’s lives much more easy and enjoyable to do now. So sure, we want everyone to try out our product; but as you do, always look to invite new and old friends over to experience those flavors together!




Just for fun:

Favorite Spice Girl – Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Posh, or Baby, and why?

Sadly, Old Spice isn’t an option listed there, but Posh Spice comes in at a close second. Why? Well, she has basically won at life in almost every department. And now you’ve got me wondering how she feels about dry rubs…


Which is exactly what Posh Spice would say if she were the Old Spice dude.

I took liberties, because if Posh Spice could drop commentary like the Old Spice dude, I’m pretty sure it would go exactly like this.

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