Week In Review: 3/9 – 3/14

Week In Review



Tulsa City Council approves rail compromise


The Tulsa City Council reached a compromise with Mayor Dewey Bartlett to support passenger rail between OKC and Tulsa with slightly different language than the previous initiative. The wheels of bureaucracy creak forward.


State legislature sends bond for capitol repair to The People


Because the legislature refuses to spend money even to keep the building that they work in from collapsing, they have sent the bond issue to a public vote. It remains to be seen if the public is as insane as their representatives.


UCO reports breach of sensitive information


University of Central Oklahoma reported that their systems had been breached, potentially leading to the leaking of the personal information of hundreds of people, mostly employees and support staff. Anyone who works at UCO is encouraged to put a fraud alert on their various accounts and prepare to be impersonated by a russian cyber gang.


Michael Behenna released


Convicted murderer and Edmond native Michael Behenna was released by the US army after several years in prison and the ceaseless advocacy of friends and family. Behenna was convicted of shooting an unarmed prisoner in Iraq in 2005.


Michigan “rape insurance” bill goes into effect.


Women in Michigan will now be required to carry extra health insurance to cover abortions, on the theory that people who pay into health insurance plans shouldn’t have to pay for anything they don’t like, sort of like how I get to go through the Wal-Mart prospectus and decide what they should and shouldn’t stock because I shop there sometimes.


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