The LI$T: 1/7/2014

The LI$T


By: Derek Moore


Welcome to the new year, LI$TNERS! Though only a mere week has transpired, I feel this year is shaping up quite nicely. Agreed? Of course you agree. Now that the obligatory welcome message is complete, let’s jump into a new batch of songs to kick this year off right.

    • Gardens & Villa is one of my favorite bands from the last few years. With an excellent debut LP under the band’s belt, the forthcoming follow up Dunes looks exceptionally promising. Give “Bullet Train” a listen to hear what you can expect from the new album, out February 4th.
    • Salt Cathedral is a Brooklyn band with which my band DEERPEOPLE played a show in Washington DC a while back. I was immediately impressed with their layered sound and recently realized I needed to share their music now that I’ve got a proper platform to do so.
    • I’m only familiar with the next two bands because of the man responsible for creating the signature LI$T graphic located above. Michael Turnbull has a fine-tuned ear for music and a great sense of design. You can thank him for your introduction to both Husbands and Glass Animals. (Side note, this Husbands is different from the OKC bedroom project Husbands that is currently making a rise on the local scene.)
    • Ejecta is the electro-pop project of Joel Ford and Neon Indian’s Leanne Macomber. A quirk about this group is that Macomber has decided to only appear nude in every band photo given to the press in support of this album. I’ll let you research this information on your own.
    • Because I started compiling this LI$T nearly a month ago, I honestly don’t remember how I came across Dessa or bEEdEEgEE. I just remember thinking the songs would flow well with this LI$T. I’m confident you’ll agree.
    • I’ve included Juana Molina on a previous LI$T, and her album Wed 21 has since become available to stream in full on Spotify. I’d specifically recommend this album if you’re looking for a taste of something you wouldn’t typically find on the beaten path.
    • And bringing this LI$T to a close is Brasstronaut. Hailing from Vancouver, they have roots in pop, rock and even some jazz. I picked a rather trancelike track so you could use it as a soundtrack to contemplate exactly how you’re going to accomplish all of those ridiculous resolutions you thought of after one too many glasses of celebratory champagne.

That’s enough from me. I hope 2014 goes swimmingly for you. See you next week.



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