THE LI$T 10/30/13

by Derek Moore

While this LI$T isn’t necessarily in the vein of the spooky season that’s currently surrounding us, it’s still chock full of treats without the tricks. Here comes the rundown:

  • Courtney Barnett’s lyrics are awesome; tongue-in-cheek with substance.

  • Mind Spiders delivers a nice breed of sci-fi garage rock that’ll pump some energy into you.

  • Cass McCombs might as well be called Class McCombs due to his classic sound. (Yes, I’m terrible at jokes.)

  • Happy Jawbone Family Band is just as rough around the edges as the name implies.

  • Matthew E. White’s voice is seriously sensual.

  • Poliça’s new album Shulamith is a fun listen for anyone that enjoys innovative electronica pop. I just picked a personal favorite from the LP to share here.

  • “Tie-Dye” by Ducktails is a relaxing, auditory trip down a winding psychadelic river in one of those large goose-shaped pedalboats. Prepare to have your brain massaged.

  • Kwes. is weird: falsetto vocals over a blend of ethereal electronic blips and acoustic sounds. I found this particular track to be one of the most accessible from his new album Ilp., so that should be saying something about his weirdness.

  • Juana Molina’s a bit of a legend, and “Eras” is a fitting closer to this LI$T. It’s dark, textural and adventurous. I also hear some Radiohead influence in the guitarwork, and we all know Jonny’s the best part of that band… (You can post your disagreements in the comments below if you feel burdened to do so.)


Well, that’s it from me for the week; I’ll catch you back here in a matter of days.


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