The LI$T 11/18/2013


by Derek Moore

Greetings, LI$Teners. Here’s new collection of nine tracks to massage your lobes:

  • Tennis flies under too many peoples’ radars. Their album Young & Old, released last year, was a gem, and their newly released EP, Small Sound, holds up to par.*

  • Something about Cate Le Bon’s voice is nostalgic for me, which made Mug Museum a relaxing experience for me.*

  • Caroline Smith was just introduced to me. “Magazine” is a catchy number that smoothly blends pop and R&B stylings.

  • Fyfe was recommended to me by the man who designed my new logo, Michael Turnbull. So as you can tell, not only does the man have good taste in music, he also has tremendous artistic capabilities. To see and support more of his work, head to the MT Creative page on Facebook. That said, Solace EP doesn’t have a weak point on it to me. Give that whole thing a listen.

  • I just now got around to listening to John Vanderslice’s Dagger Beach (shame on me, I know…), and though it was released back in June, I personally found it to be a fitting soundtrack for this autumn season.

  • Boogarins, with their goofy name, remind me of a Brazilian version of the equally strangely named Foxygen.

  • Brad Laner’s Nearest Suns works in the baroque psych-pop realm.

  • Now vs Now combines digital and analog textures over beautifully syncopated rhythms. It’s good thinkin’ music.

  • Skin Town is deep R&B music meant to be heard in the later hours of the evening. It’s lush. Interesting side note- the synth player of this duo also plays synth for Zola Jesus.


That’ll conclude this week’s LI$T. Happy listening, and see you next week.



*Editor’s Note: Tennis and Cate Le Bon will play Opolis soon. And if you like La Luz, also on both Derek’s LI$T and my Sound Exposures, they’ll be at Opolis the night right after Cate Le Bon.

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