THE LI$T: 9/24/13

By Derek Moore

This LI$T is particularly exciting for me because I was only familiar with two of the bands prior to stumbling across this batch of music.

  • TV On The Radio has reached mainstay status throughout their career, so new releases such as “Million Miles” warrant a listen, even though the band has said there are no official plans for a new LP.

  • I’ve been waiting to hear Celestial Shore’s album 10x since February when the band first released the intricately breathtaking “Valerie,” and let me tell you, I am VERY happy with the outcome. I’d recommend giving the whole album a proper listen if you’re looking for a fresh, innovative approach to songwriting.

Beyond the aforementioned bands, the rest of the artists on this playlist are new to me, and I’m happy to add them to my repertoire of bands worth following. Here are some interesting notes about a few of the remaining groups.

  • Lucius has been quickly garnering attention lately, which is no surprise when you hear just how catchy their power single “Tempest” is.

  • The Goldberg Sisters is the musical endeavor of actor/director/producer Adam Goldberg. If you’re like me, you’d be most likely to recognize him from his role in the classic Dazed and Confused.

  • Diarrhea Planet has one of the worst band names I’ve ever come across. They also have four, count them, FOUR guitarists and are known for their energetic live shows in which all four guitarists allegedly mount different objects on stage from which to shred. I’ve been obsessed with their song “Kids,” so I’m willing to overlook the band name choice. They’re also playing Opolis on Wednesday night in Norman.

That’ll do it for this week. Check back next Tuesday for another LI$T. I promise to make it worth your while.

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