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Other random places with awesome line ups, just remember we like to cover music!  A lot.

Other random festivals with awesome line ups, just remember we like to cover music! How much? Only like a lot.


Well, we’re going back to Austin folks. And I wager a good number of others are planning on it too. Here’s the deal: it’s two weekends now. OKC.NET will be attending the first date. Line-ups are the same for both weekends. And if you’re wondering are there tickets left, yes, there are some available for the second weekend (Oct 11-13th). First weekend (Oct 4-6th) is sold out. You may have noticed that this isn’t our first time to mention the festival. But should this be the first you’re reading of it, the brief history is that it started out on PBS, maybe you’ve seen it or a clip somewhere, and then it evolved into a festival.

Savvy? Let’s also review this part too!

Nerdwallet determined that Austin City Limits Music Festival was the best bang for your buck in terms of ticket prices for acts on the lineup. Check their graph.

So if you’re on the fence about it because you’re wondering if it will be worth it, someone’s already done the math for you and determined yes, it is a good deal.

Lets talk about planning. If one were to prepare their check list, it might go something like this:

  • Hotel booked?
  • Tickets secured?
  • Playlist for the trip made?
  • Downloaded the Austin City Limits Music Festival app?
  • Scheduled your loose itinerary of fun?
  • Got your foodie places and possible sight-seeing locations mapped and scouted?
  • Picked your must-sees?


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.07.38 PM


You might just be ready if you answered yes too all these questions. If you’ve got some “yes’ing” to do, you’ve got a few weeks left to play catch up.

So is there anything you’re forgetting? Hmmm. How about the schedule for Official 2013 Late Night Shows? This is just my opinion, but I think the second weekend (Oct 11-13th) has a better selection that the first. That is if you have that kind of stamina. If you don’t, then disregard this list.

Our ears will be to the ground for other special events taking place over the course of the festival as this won’t be our last post in the lead up to the event. If you have special requests for band interviews, leave them in the comments. We’re nailing down our interview times now.

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