THE LI$T: 9/10/13

By Derek Moore

Another week means another LI$T. Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect (if you’re into that whole prefacing sort of thing; if you’re not, scroll right on down and get to listening).

The first two tracks are from bands with Oklahoma ties:

  • Grooms initially formed in Norman before relocating to Brooklyn, and Tallows is a local favorite, garnering quite a bit of buzz since their recent release of Memory Marrow.

While we’re on the topic of buzz, the next four tracks are from albums that have been heavily hyped since their release last Tuesday:

  • You may have heard of Volcano Choir because of the singer, Justin Vernon (that guy who does stuff with Bon Iver).

  • King Krule’s blowing up because of his signature, and at times hard to swallow, voice and mishmash of styles in his music. Oh, and he’s only 19 years old.

  • You may have heard of Neko Case because she’s Neko Case.

  • Jonathan Rado is the singer of Foxygen, a group that’s right in the middle of that pivotal position between being a buzz band and/or proving that they’re here to stay, and for some reason or another, the singer decided to release an LP as a solo artist in the meantime.

Finally, the last three tracks are from artists that recently showed up on my radar out of the blue:

  • Devon Sproule came from a recommendation from my friend Grace Gordon. While the track I picked isn’t new, it immediately struck me as something special.

  • Chelsea Wolfe is a name that I’ve heard for quite a while but never got around to listening to. Just a heads up, it turns out her music’s pretty dark.

  • Golden Suits is Fred Nicolaus of the band Department of Eagles. I love Department of Eagles, so it makes sense that this album would have some real standouts for me.


Ok, enough with my ramblings. Enjoy.


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