Books: Interview with R.E. Bradshaw

by Andy Gomez

My interest in Rebecca Elizabeth Bradshaw actually began before her rise in the literary world. I knew her as when I was a theater student of hers and she was teaching me about stagecraft. After she left teaching, I didn’t hear much from her until a few years later, when I caught wind that she had become a popular lesbian fiction writer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was a completely different kind of lesbian fiction author and she had a very anti-formula approach to the genre. I was keen to catch her between her many book tours and other travels so that I could catch up with her and find out how she had done for herself since attaining genre author stardom.

R. E. Bradshaw is a highly popular and successful lesbian fiction author, originally from North Carolina, based in Oklahoma. To date, she’s published 12 novels, many of them romance, some historic fiction, and thrillers (recently as in the Rainey Bell series). Her particular writing style allows the reader to savor the experiences of her characters to a very detailed degree, granting a very nuanced understanding of their nature. Her books have garnered awards, and she is a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Before her rise in novel writing, she was in professional theater and worked a high school theater teacher as well. She’s become a widely read novelist in the past few years, and today she’s lived a proudly lesbian life with her wife for 25 years while raising their son.

Here is her interview.





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