The Girlie Show: 2012 Preview

The Girlie Show is an annual arts event that takes place in Oklahoma City. The primary focus, as the name suggests, is on women who make quality art, jewelry, clothing, and more. While the focus is on the artistic merits of women, let it be known that a lot of men come out to the show every year too and it is not uncommon to see them shopping and drinking with their wives, girlfriends, and friends.

The Girlie Show is held in the Farmer’s Public Market Building at 311 S. Klein. The show runs Nov. 2nd and 3rd. There are a few new changes for the event this year. Friday night unless you are 18 or older you won’t be getting in, however on Saturday all ages are welcomed. Another change this year is the VIP pass holders have a few more perks and in general the entertainment is going to be a lot more burlesque centered…literally. The stage at this year’s show will be in the middle of all the fun. The Girlie Show organizers are adding lots of dance and burlesque to Friday night and the artists and crafters will be configured around this stage.

OKC.NET talked with one of The Girlie Show organizers, Dawn Harth, to get an idea for how she and the others organize the event from year-to-year and what other sorts of new things we might expect. You can purchase tickets at Blue 7, DNA Galleries, or at for $15. You can also purchase tickets at the door for $20. Friday’s ticket also gets you in on Saturday too. Doors open Friday for the 18 and up crowd at 7 p.m. Unless you are a VIP pass holder, then you gain early entry at 6 p.m. The show runs till 11 p.m. On Saturday, which all ages are welcomed to attend, the show runs from noon to 5 p.m.


One of the performances this weekend will come from Oklahoma City’s own Teaze Dance. They were at the show last year too, but it seems as if they will be doing more than walking around and posing for pictures this upcoming Friday.


OKC.NET: I know The Girlie Show likes to keep it fresh from year-to-year, how do organizers pick the artists that will be present?

Dawn Harth: We select Girlies based on a variety of criteria, but we always look for unique submissions with high quality craftsmanship. We like to see someone thinking differently and putting a creative spin on things. We also look for returning artists to be evolving and growing their body of work.

OKC.NET: Tell me about the Scholarship Artist program and why Jessica Tankersley stood out this year?


Winner of the 2012 scholarship, Jessica Tankersley, is a University of Oklahoma fine art student, former Momentum Tulsa spotlight artist, and she was featured artist on Okie Collective.


Dawn Harth: We had several really great applicants this year, so it was a really tough choice! But in the end, Jessica offered the whole package. She is motivated, responsible, exceptionally creative and loyal to Oklahoma, which we find appealing. Our show is built on fostering and expanding the creativity available here in our state, so we love it when young talented people see possibilities in building their future here. It benefits all of us.

OKC.NET: How do guests purchase items at the Girlie Show, can they use: cards, cash, or checks?

Dawn Harth: All of the above. Some, typically most, vendors offer credit card service, but there are a few who don’t. It’s completely up to the artist.

OKC.NET: I noticed this year’s shirt this year is a calavera (skull), who designed it and how much is it going for?

Dawn Harth: The shirt was designed by Ed Russell, a co-worker of mine at Ackerman McQueen. He’s an incredibly talented graphic designer. The shirts are $20.


These extra special t-shirts will be available at The Girlie Show on Nov. 2nd and 3rd. Since Nov. 2nd is also known for the Dia de Las Muertos holiday, this year’s shirt gives a nod to the Mexican tradition. Little known fact: on Nov 1st Mexicans celebrate Día de los Inocentes or Day of the Innocents to honor infants and children.


OKC.NET: Do you still have VIP passes for purchase, and what are the perks this year?

Dawn Harth: Absolutely! VIP tickets can be purchased at any of the ticket outlets or The cool thing this year is we are having a VIP preview hour from 6-7, so they get in before the crowds and get exclusive access to the VIP room, which is stocked with a private bar and food all night. VIP tickets are available for a $50 sponsorship.

OKC.NET: Do you have any restaurants, bakeries, specialty food vendors this year too?

Dawn Harth: Oh, yeah! 15 food vendors  will be cookin’ it up this year!

OKC.NET: I noticed you will have Angi B. Lovely (Current Queen of Burlesque, New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2012), how did her involvement come about?

Dawn Harth: Fortunately, Marilyn is very connected to a lot of the local burlesque girls through her involvement with Dr. Sketchy’s. So she knew Angi and asked her, as well as the other girls in the line-up, about participating this year. We all agree it’s the perfect fit for The Girlie Show. It’s going to be fun!


I really hope she is hanging from the ceiling Friday night.


OKC.NET: I know in years past that because of the cold you’ve had a parking lot cart service for people who have to park further away, will that be an option again this year too?

Dawn Harth: Unfortunately, no. This is something we worked with the Farmers Market on, but it is not an option we can make available this year.

OKC.NET: Just for fun: What is the zaniest thing you’ve seen at The Girlie Show?

Dawn Harth: Oh wow, between the crazy things people wear to the dancers and bands we’ve had over the years, I’m not sure i could narrow it down!



Check The Girlie Show facebook page, The Girlie Show 2012 Facebook event page, or their website for more information. You can also learn more about the show by watching this mini-documentary:


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