Video: Samantha Lamb on Small Farming



We interviewed Samantha Lamb on farming. Lamb said the line between her art photography and farming is nearly indistinguishable as both careers are complementary. Lamb encourages people to shop locally and listed a few places that consumers can shop to find local goods, produce, and food.

If you live in or around the Oklahoma City area, here are a few good options:

Urban Agrarian

Located downtown OKC. They have also teamed with St. Anthony Hospital to offer a pre-order delivery service, extending the Midtown Market at Saints through the winter. Visit their website for more information.

Native Roots

Located in Norman for now, but OKC store opening in the Deep Deuce soon.


Sources some food locally and is located in Norman.


Sources food locally.

OSU-OKC Farmers Market

Every Wednesday during the summer season they are located outside Whole Foods in OKC, and the full market is open off Portland and 1oth at the OSU-OKC campus on Saturdays.

Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Additionally this co-op delivers all around the state, so if you live outside the OKC metro area this is a great resource.


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