Battle of the Bobas: Teapioca vs Cafe Oasis

Last week we asked readers which boba places in the metro area offered the most variety of tasty drinks for a reasonable price. Several places were mentioned: Teapicoa, Cafe Oasis, Cafe Bella, Lee’s, Pho Lien Hoa, Wa Ha Ha, and Cafe Tao.

Naturally, no one person could hit all those boba places in one day. So the next best thing? Choose two and compare them.

Not sure what boba is? Boba is also referred to as bubble tea. These little round balls, that get sucked up your straw, are usually made of tapioca although these delightfully quirky drink additions can be made of agar, seeds, or edible jellies. Always served sweetened, it is sometimes flavored, sometimes colored, but regardless of all the variations, all boba end up at the bottom of a smoothie, tea, milkshake or another cold beverage to give it that extra something. It may have started as a fad in Taiwan, but 20 years later there is pleathora of boba shops to choose from right here in the OKC metro area.

First up: Teapioca

Located in the Sun-Moon Plaza Center at 1101 NW 23rd St.


So many choices, so many reasons to come back to Teapioca.


For less than a frozen drink at Starbucks, you can choose from tea, coffee, juice, fruity milkshakes and more at Teapioca. Prices start at $2.25 and hit $4.00, although if you select additional “sinkers,” what Teapioca calls their boba, then prices may vary depending on your tastes.


  • So many choices.
  • They do have a happy hour! Call 405- 525-4108 to confirm hours and prices for this special.
  • They have a signature blend of teas.
  • The drinks are delicious.
  • Staff is nice. Service is quick.
  • Space is clean and new, “posh” one might even say.


Right to left: Coconut Taro Cream, Kiwi Cream, and Chai Tea.



  • It can get busy in there, so seating might be limited with full crowds.
  • If you’re hoping for other things to munch on, there’s not much. They stock chips, but that’s about it.

It was a struggle to come up with a list of cons, but overall, I will be back. This place is one of the best boba places I’ve been to in awhile.

Second up: Cafe Oasis

Located 1135 25th St on the second floor in the Super Cao Nguyen shopping complex.

Cafe Oasis and Teapioca are close neighbors. What Cafe Oasis has going for it, however, is that it is right next to Super Cao Nguyen. That means you can fuel up before starting your Asian grocery shopping. They also have food, and being located on the second floor provides a nice view of the surrounding area. Their drinks are also very reasonably priced. The drinks start at $2.50 and go up to $3.25. Add-ons like boba and jellies cost .30 cents. Again, prices will vary depending on your tastes.

Left to Right: Thai tea and Pina Colada at Cafe Oasis. Incidentally one of my daughters discovered that Thai tea is not the same as Chai tea. Not that she listened when I tried to explain the difference before she ordered.



  • Nice view of the surrounding area.
  • Friendly and quick service.
  • Delicious drinks.
  • Food menu.
  • Even though it is on the second floor, there is an elevator, so people in wheelchairs or limited mobility should be able to get up there. For the rest of us, there are stairs too.


  • The seating area from afar looked inviting, but once we got over there it was readily apparent that the covers on the couches were visibly dingy and gross. The tables and chairs were fine, but it’s time for Cafe Oasis to pull off the couch covers and wash them, or replace them. Same for the upholstered cubes.
  • Wouldn’t hazard going there during lunch rush. Seating area is limited if a big crowd congregates. This is probably less of an issue if you’re boba is t0-go and you’re not ordering a meal too.



This round goes to Teapioca. I don’t go to boba places for meals because one of these drinks is like meal in and of itself, although having a restaurant that serves boba drinks doesn’t hurt either. But it is pretty sweet that Teapioca has a boba happy hour. And while their choices can seem overwhelming at first, the sheer amount of options is a reason to keep coming back. There are so many combos to be had.

Omiword! Weirdness abounds at Teapioca, but it will probably be very tasty when added to tea or some other refreshingly cold concoction.

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