3 Diamonds in the Rough: Hidden Gems of Film from the Last 10 Years

The recent mega-hit Children of Men.

Everyone knows Hollywood’s run out of ideas. Or, at least, it’s in style to say so. There are blockbusters that come out every summer, and, amid these “tent-pole” movies, there is so much that gets lost. Often, though, the movies that are off the beaten path or that fall between the cracks of massive franchises are some of the most rewarding film-viewing experiences. In other words, for every sensationalized blockbuster like The Squid and the Whale or Breakfast on Pluto, there is a Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean, both of which are two fantastic little pieces of art that you probably missed out on at your local art theater. This is a tribute to three movies you probably haven’t seen.

Edward and Bella share an intimate kiss in the oft-overlooked Twilight film series.

 Twilight (2008)- Twilight has such a non-descript name that you wouldn’t have any idea what it’s about from just the title. That’s one of the appealing things about it, though; it reveals so little of itself prior to viewing. Twilight is a fish-out-of-water piece based on a little-known novel series by Stephenie Meyer. It follows the story of Bella Swan, a teenage girl transplanted from her home in Arizona to a small town in Washington. Things are not as they seem, though, and she soon finds herself embroiled in a world of violence, small-town intrigues, and illicit romance. Think Blue Velvet or Twin Peaks, but with Vampires and Werewolves.

The Na'vi.

Avatar (2009)- Avatar tells a truly unique story that goes where few science fiction films have gone before: at the border of interstellar human exploration, there is a planet that contains a rich supply of the most important compound in the universe. Avatar pits futuristic human technology against  the weapons of the planet’s natives. Amongst all the action and special effects wizardry, it contains a story about the encroachment of one civilizations on another. Truly groundbreaking.

Batman and the Joker.


The Dark Knight (2008)- Something that has largely remained separate from the discipline of film in the last several years is comic book adaptions. Sure you had Spawn and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the ’90’s, but there really hasn’t been a comic book presence on screen in years. Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman franchise went largely unrecognized for its brilliance.

Perhaps one day the brilliance of film will be appreciated by the masses.

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