Spotlight on: Elemental Coffee

"That's a damn good cup of coffee." - Helen Grant / Photo provided by Elemental Coffee

Article by Helen Grant/Video by Kenny Madison.

It is something of a spectator sport to walk into Elemental Coffee and order your favorite bean while roaster Micah Metheny is carefully crafting the next batch of Groove, Pursha, or Saucha over in the next room. In addition to providing coffee, Elemental Coffee also sells locally-produced food, they make gourmet crepes on Sundays, and offer a wide array of coffee-related gadgets too. On their website you’ll find detailed instructions on how to brew your favorite coffee be it in a french press,  drip coffee, or espresso.  The flavor profiles on the back of the bags remain pretty true to description and there’s also information about the origin of the bean that’s been selected.

Elemental Coffee is also key a player in the H & 8th Night Markets. While on hiatus until the weather improves, these nighttime food markets bring neighboring businesses and residents together on one street for an evening of dinner and festivities. They also participate in the Keep it Local program. Customers can purchase a $10 membership card, good for 1 year, at their storefront and then save at all participating Keep it Local retailers. Each business offers a slightly different discount from the next, but at Elemental if you buy a bag of coffee you get a free cup of coffee with your purchase. You also save a percentage on items at the store when you present your card at the register.

Elemental Coffee is located off Hudson and 8th in Midtown. Their coffee is available at these stores in Oklahoma and you can purchase their goods online too. Long a favorite of the OKC.NET staff, we hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy Elemental Coffee as much as we do.




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