SNIKT! podcast #1: Turn The Page

Daniel Page, Brandon Stauffer, and Grace Gordon talk about…a little bit of everything, but mostly comic books. Mostly.

They discuss Grace’s ridiculously comic book name, Brandon’s comic neophyte-ism (not a word), and…yeah, just lots of stuff.

Listen! It will make you feel like you have friends!


SIlver Surfer- Jack Kirby



One comment to “SNIKT! podcast #1: Turn The Page”
  1. This is just a note:
    Atomik Pop employee and generally awesome guy Joey Belden is opening a sequential art gallery in Norman Friday night from 8-12 midnight. It’s called the Milk Tree:
    Milk Tree Gallery
    1005 N. Flood Suite 108
    Norman, OK
    It’s gonna be sweet.

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