Two Olives Café: Moore to Eat


Coming south on Broadway through the center of Moore, you are likely to spot painted onto the brick of the Old School Business Center a sign with long arms of purple and green vines climbing towards the words “Two Olives”.

Two Olives is one of the residents of the Old School Business Center, built into the original and nearly completely renovated Moore High building. Built in 1928. It had remained unoccupied for some time until it was purchased and renovated as part of an effort to revitalize and beautify the Old Town neighborhood of Moore. As soon as you open the door you are welcomed by the scents of basil, garlic and oregano.

There is a large window looking right into the comfortable but classy dining area. Two Olives offers the space as a private room for on-site catering and it would be a great place to host a holiday office party. There is an outside patio for fair weather and with a fire pit where you might imagine lingering over a beverage for a while and enjoying some friendly company.


It’s nice to see the dining space almost full, with a lunch crowd taking a welcome break from work and not wasting the hour in a crowded chain restaurant. No stressed servers, no blaring dance pop, no pieces of flair. The service at Two Olives is relaxed and friendly. I am always greeted by the same faces behind the large wooden bar; they have probably memorized my favorites but are more than willing to suggest something else for me if I am in the mood.


There is always a pizza of the day which can be ordered by the slice. They also offer a soup of the day, with two of my favorites being black bean and tomato basil. There are a variety of sandwich and salad choices and combinations on the menu, including a spinach salad with a delicious raspberry vinagerette. In contrast to what most of us are conditioned to accept as fresh from chain sandwich shops or delis, the food here actually is freshly prepared and very tasty. Nothing is prepackaged, waiting under heat lamps or hastily prepared as you are herded down a line to the register.

The menu is aimed at a quick lunch but is more than filling and you may be tempted to bring the rest home for later. While many Moore residents make this a frequent lunch spot, it’s less well known in Oklahoma City and Norman. Make a point of coming to Moore for lunch and check out Two Olives Café.

P.S. Don’t forget a fresh baked cookie for dessert.

Two Olives Café
201 N. Broadway
Moore, OK 73160

Catering Hotline:

Mon-Fri 11:00 am-2pm
Sat 10:30am-3pm

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