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Ever since I briefly worked in the telemarketing industrial complex (“Hi, this is Colin calling with AT&T, may I speak with the decision maker in your office?”) I’ve had a problem selling people things. I deeply dislike doing it. I tell you this because the fact that I am now doing it again of my own free will says something about how much I believe in this project and how much I feel like advertising with us is the right thing for you to do. The book I bought about ad sales says that I should never ever do what I’m about to do, which is just give out my rates. I should instead make you jump through hoops and give me a ton of information just to get to the only piece of information you actually want. I’m not going to do that. Just press that little “read more” button below, and all of the relevant information will be laid out at your fingertips. I promise I won’t ever call you at dinner.

Here it is.

A few additional notes:

1. Our readership has gone up since I designed this a couple months ago. At the time, we had around 10,000 subscribers on 365, now we have over 13,000. Readership on varies depending on the day; some stories get great traffic, some not as great, but we average around 1000 unique visitors per week, generally spending around 15 minutes on the site.

2. If you decide to advertise with us, the vast majority of your money will go to keep the site alive. If you think we do good work, support a fellow local business and help us feed our families and/or dogs.

3. We can either use your art or work with you to design your ad. Hell, if you want an ad for somewhere else, we can help you design that too. We can even host a website for you.

4. Everything is for sale*, and everything is negotiable*.If you have a crazy idea for something you want us to do for you and you don’t think anyone will go for it, run it by us. Want us to host a songwriting contest for local bands to write a song about your restaurant? Want us to write you some sparkling copy for the menu? Want us to put you in contact with our talented photographers? Want to barter? Write me, we’ll work it out.

Seriously people. It’s a good idea. You won’t regret it.

*The things that aren’t for sale or negotiable will be identified on a case by case basis.

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