Refacing the Dollar Global Solidarity Conference

January 18, 2014 @ 11:00 am – January 18, 2014 @ 11:00 pm
The Phoenix Cafe Hazel Park
24918 John R.
Hazel Park, MI, 48030
United States

“Refacing the Dollar”
International Solidarity Conference and Art Exhibition

January 18th, 2014
International Solidarity Conference 12pm-530pm, EST
Art Exhibition 6pm-12am

Phoenix Café,
24918 John R., Hazel Park, MI, 48030
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We are inviting your participation in “Refacing the Dollar,” a global symposium of live presentations and conversations, via Skype, with key organizers of recent international political movements, broadcast live over the internet

livestream link

and featuring a live audience based in the Detroit area at the Phoenix Café on Saturday, January 18th, 2014.

We are currently seeking and/or in contact with organizers directly involved with the following political movements that have manifested in response to different crises and questions related to money, finance, debt, privatization, bankruptcy, austerity and the “almighty dollar’s” influence on the lives of people across the planet:

USA: Detroit, MI,
Jerry Goldberg, Lawyer, MORATORIUM NOW!
The largest municipal bankruptcy/urban financial crisis in the history of the United States

Middle East: Gaza Strip, Palestine
Motasem, MK, Biomedical Engineer
The policy of economic sanctions and genocide in Gaza

Africa: Lagos, Nigeria
Adeyemi Olateju Ridwan, Microbiologist
The adverse economic effects of a suppressive global economy

Pacific Island Nations:
Wellington, New Zealand
James Whioke, Maori Tribal Leader, Tesla Ambassador, Occupy New Zealand
Financial oppression of the Maori indigenous community and others in New Zealand

Seoul, South Korea
Wol San, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KTCU Facebook)Representative
The Railway and other sectors Government Privatization Strike, the raid on the KCTU office, and the KRWU, KCTU responses (Interview recorded by Jarah Maan)

Multiple Speakers
Movement to establish a “Universal Basic Income”

Horour Torfason, Main Organizer for the Icelandic Revolution
Overthrow and rewriting of their constitution following its 2008 financial crisis, arrest of the criminal bankers, and a now debt free society

And other speakers on the following:

Occupy the TPP PAGE
Ben Borges, (Occupy Belgium)

Strike Debt, and the Rolling Jubilee.
More are being considered from Venezuela, Spain, and other nations.

“Refacing the Dollar” will be the premier in a continuing series of symposiums. Within a wide spectrum of international political issues, each event will have its own focus, always with the goal of encouraging critical discussion and global civic participation in addressing these issues.

“Refacing the Dollar” will run 12pm-6pm Eastern Standard Time (Detroit time) on Saturday, January 18th. It will be followed by local entertainment and a themed art show, featuring works by local and international artists with the common limitation of using physical currency as part of the artistic materials. Participation in the international art show portion is welcome to anyone anywhere in the world interested in submitting a piece to be showcased over the internet!

Hosted by:
Jarah Maan, #Riseupworldmedia indy journalist, and organizer with such collectives as Global Occupy Media and Global Revolution LIVE

Hans Barbe, local Detroit organizer of the Pheonix Café,

Mahmoud Maan, Peace and Human Rights Activist/Egyptian Revolution activist and doctor in the field hospitals during the Revolution.

If you are involved in any of these or related movements, we are seeking your direct participation in this global media project, either as a listener or presenter (see below for contact information)

Donatella Barbarella, Producer/Director/Camera Editor, Global Occupy Media
Vlad Teichberg, Organizer, Global Revolution LIVE

Contact info:
Jarah Maan, #riseupworldmedia
Phone: +1 313 903 0435
Skype: riseupworldmedia,jarahlo,

Hans Barbe, Phoenix Cafe
Phone: +1 313 333 7104

Mahmoud Maan, MD, Occupy Egypt/Egyptian Revolution
Phone: +1 313 903 0371
Skype: Justin.mcadams

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