No Ordinary February

February 2, 2014 @ 6:00 pm
Your Living Room <3

I am looking for 10 people who have 10-50 lbs to loose. I am putting together a weight loss support group just for YOU. I am only taking 10 people total who meet the right qualifications.

You will be asked specific questions to ensure that this is the right group for you. This is an experiment to see what sort of crazy results we can get by eating healthy & working harder….

The basic idea is that we will workout to a fitness program that is proven to work, replace one meal a day with a dense dose of daily nutrition, and for the rest of the day follow a specific meal plan but not restrict your calorie in-take. You will be working within an support group in which you will be held accountable in your participation. Each day you will record your progress, meals, etc for points… the more points you earn, the more PRIZES you’ll have the opportunity to win! Please comment below or msg me for more details.

With colder weather already in, now is the time when people’s diets and exercise get pushed to the back burner, and the baggy clothes make an appearance to cover up those excess pounds. Don’t let that happen to you!

Summer bodies are made in the Winter!!

We get started on February 3rd! Plenty of time to prepare and plan for your success. What are you waiting for?!