Greetings: From Brooklyn!!!

December 26, 2013 @ 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
The Boom
2218 NW 39th St
Oklahoma City, OK, 73112
United States

Scary Ben Presents: “Greetings: From Brooklyn!!!”

Brooklyn’s Best Burlesque show comes home to OKC!

Dec. 26th, 2013 (the day after Christmas)
At The Boom
2218 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Doors at 6:30pm / Show at 8pm

Dinner service begins at 6:30pm
(pro tip: eat and drink to prep for the show! The more you drink, the better we are!)

Pre-sale: $10
Door: $15
(see link Below)

There’s one more present under the tree this Holiday season, as Scary Ben and Darlinda Just Darlinda bring their special brand of Absurdity back home for the Holidays!! What sort of Absurdity? A Spectacle of Absurdity. Joining us for the special show in Oklahoma City is another Okie Native, and Internationally known living Sideshow legend, the one and only Donny Vomit!!!!

For your consideration, we present what has been called, and the “antidote to wholesome” and “A Carnival of Chaos”! A Burlesque cabaret and celebration of the Abstract and the Surreal!! Our brand of Cabaret and Burlesque has been heavily tempered by the alluring influence of the inspiring worlds of Circus, Sideshow, Drag and bizarre performance art (not the shitty kind we all think of when we hear the words “performance art”), blended together to create a unique show of silly and profound.

That’s right dear friends and fellow Okies, we request that you join us as we dig deep into the vast mindscapes that inhabit our heads to find the weird, wild, raunchy and exuberant filth and present it is a wonderfully bizarre sort of way. It’s gonna be a fun time.

We can promise you Boobs!
… and More!!

all at one place, The day after Christmas, (you know, when you are ready to not see your family for an evening and get together with your friends who are in town for only a few more hours/ and you need something amazing to do so you will always remember it until next year when you can say “Hey remember that Show we went to last year?”)

…Only at the Boom!

-Scary Ben
“A Peddler of Exuberant Filth”

-Darlinda Just Darlinda
“The Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza”

-Donny Vomit
“The Dapper Dan of Danger”

-Just Scary
(a “double act” fet. Darlinda and Scary Ben)

Featuring Local OKC producers/ performance powerhouses:
-Apple Angel
“The Sweetest Taste of Sin.”

-Misty Snatch
“The High Priestess of Obscene Wetness”

Featuring our Pick Up Technician for the evening: Fatimah!

buy tickets here!

As always we offer superbly curated line-ups designed to highlight the fine line of where absurdest art meets entertainment, meant to confound, titillate, excite and bewilder, with hopes of blowing you (our loving audience) away.

Come celebrate the ridiculous, risque, rowdy and raunchy night of BOOBS!! BOOZE!! BALLS!! AND MORE!!

Who are we you may be asking?

Well, Scary Ben and Darlinda Just Darlinda (Just Scary) have been called “The Perverse George and Gracie”.

Darlinda Just Darlinda: The Village Voice calls DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA a “Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza” and she has been working as a Burlesque Performer and Producer locally (NYC) and internationally since 2003. Darlinda is one half of the Burlesque duo The Schlep Sisters, co producing such shows as Menorah Horah and The Burning Bush vs. The Second Coming. Darlinda is also a proud co-producer of the monthly Bushwick Burlesque. She’s also performed Off Broadway and on television; Darlinda performed with Taylor Mac in The Lily’s Revenge(Obie) and The 29th Annual Roots of American Music Festival at Lincoln Center. She can be found on television, in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. She’s lectured for Yale’s infamous Sex Week. She’s crossed over into performance art with her year long “life as art” projects Year in Dance and Year in Rainbow. Darlinda is a current faculty member at the New York School of Burlesque and BurlyCon and also teaches internationally. The Sundance Channel made Darlinda a “Top 10 Badass Burlesque Babe,” she was voted in the Top 50 International Burlesque Industry Figures of 2011 and 2012! Darlinda is the recipient of the Golden Pastie Award for The Most Innovative and Creative and The Brooklyn Nightlife Award Winner for Best Burlesque Dancer! USA Today says “It’s hard to top Darlinda.”

Scary Ben: Is a Gruff Dandy and/ or a clown. He has been refereed to as a Peddler of Exuberant Filth, and a hell of a nice guy, usually. He has been producing and performing in NYC for the better part of 3 years. Credits including: Co-Producer of Bushwick Burlesque and “First Tuesdays” and “Worst Ideas Cabaret”, in addition to producing the U.S.Oh-No!! Variety Show!! (closed by order of the U.S.O.) and Hijacked, a series of pop up speakeasy cabaret in people’s homes. He also wrote and directed two plays for the Coney Island U.S.A. stage last summer; “The Just Scary Show: a fantastical , nonsensical ridiculously absurd and completely made up autobiography” and “The Great Clown Caper; The Strange Tale of Smiley the Armless Clown. He firmly believe in the concept of OVER THE TOP.

Donny Vomit: Donny Vomit is know as “The Dapper Dan of Danger” and is a very well known performer in the sideshow world. Vomit is a classic sideshow performer. For nearly a decade Vomit has been performing acts of a strange, bizarre, odd and macabre nature such as the Human Blockhead, Chainsaw Juggling, Animal Traps, Electric Chair, Blade Box, Straitjacket Escapes, Bed of Nails, Mental Floss, Glass Walking, Fire Eating. In 2003 he began hosting Coney Island USA’s Sideshows by the Seashore.
Donny is also the face of Coney Island Lager’s Human Blockhead.

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