The LI$T: 4-15-14


Derek Moore

Can you believe how quickly time flies, LI$TNRS?

Flash back to August 2013 (yes, that’s eight whole months ago) when my very first submission to was published – such a young buck I was back then. Before I reached this envy-inducing admirable title of “contributing writer,” I was still compiling playlists on Spotify on a near weekly basis, but they were just for me in my no-name importance to enjoy.

Now flash back to today- the day that I submit to you, my fellow LI$TNRS, my EIGHTIETH playlist compiled on Spotify in the nine-track format you’ve all come to know and love. Though the pressure’s higher with all the tens of my “LI$TNRSHP” watching my Spotify compiling activity, I’d venture to say that I enjoy this weekly task more than when I started.

I know I can barely believe how soon the time’s transpired, mostly because I’m still not that great at the writing portion you’re seeing here, even with all these months of practice. Now that you’re good and excited by my somewhat subtle self-deprecation, let’s hit the highlights of this momentous LI$T.

  • I’ve mentioned folk-thumpers Saintseneca in a previous article; Dark Arc dropped on April Fool’s Day, and if you like this track, I’d recommend a full album listen.
  • Cloud Nothings also released an album of their pounding brand of rock on April Fool’s. Same advice applies for this album as above.
  • SOHN’s another artist familiar to inclusion on a LI$T. Up until last week, however, he’d only released a few singles. Thankfully his full debut Tremors is now out in full for your listening pleasure.
  • Sisyphus is the collaborative project of none other than Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti. “Lion’s Share” does an excellent job of portraying the more playful side typical of this collaboration as compared to the usual tone expressed by each of these artists on their own.
  • Interesting fact about Young & Sick: in addition to music, the Dutch duo is responsible for some impressive album artwork for such acts as Foster the People, Robin Thicke, Maroon 5, and Mikky Ekko, among others.
  • Closing out the playlist is Lo-Fang (nod to Michael Turnbull once again for the stellar recommendation). It’s brooding, pensive, deep, expansive- all the key components of what makes a LI$T-ender exceptional.

By this point you should be noticing the high quality of music released thus far this year, so I’m not even going to remind you about the fact that I’ll be back with a fresh batch of music next Tuesday. Instead I’ll trust in your ability to reason and expect your return.



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