Personhood Protest Draws Hundreds to State Capitol

Protestors let legislators watching from State Capitol windows know they are not happy about State Senate Bill 1433 Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Helen Grant.

The protest organized against State Senate Bill 1433 drew a large crowd to the north steps of the State Capitol Tuesday, as legislators, activists, and private citizens spoke out against what they see as an egregious invasion of women’s privacy and personal sovereignty.

State Senator Constance Johnson, who has become an Internet hero for attempting to add a sarcastic amendment to the bill that would define male masturbation as mass murder, spoke to the crowd, as did District 17 Representative Brian Renagar (who urged the crowd to attempt to register frozen embryos for social security) and many concerned women who shared their stories about the importance of reproductive freedom in their lives. Video below:





This will not be the last word on this issue. Clearly, there are those Oklahomans who adamantly do not want this bill and see it as a huge step backwards for the state, not only on the national, but the international level too.



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  1. I was there. The very worst thing was that the OKLAHOMA LEGISLATORS were watching us from the higher floor windows. They were laughing and mocking us. WE are their constituents. They just don’t care. They do not. They mocked us. At least three hundred women and men who will not stand for this disregard for women. This is unconscionable. This will not stand. I will not have elected legislators mock me to my face!!

    I kind of know, when I call my Oklahoma Senator or State lawmaker, they will ignore me, bide their time until I get off the line, but I had never seen them gather at the windows and mock me. These are those 1 -ercenters (my comuter doesn’t acce t that letter versus the rest of the 99%

    We’re going to all have to understand that we are the 99%. I am and you are, even if you’re doing real well. You are still just the 99.

    You ain’t the one.

  2. WONDERFUL job with the photos and videos!! I was so proud to see Dr. Reshef at the rally. When my husband and I (who are infertile) were pursuing building our family through IVF, Dr. Reshef was my physician. Other couples in my position, and want to build their families through reproductive medicine, should not be denied that right.

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