“THE LIZARDMAN” In The Spotlight

Erik “THE LIZARDMAN” Sprague headlines Opolis’s comedy showcase Thursday night. Local comics James Nghiem & James Draper, of James & James, will host the show. James & James have been described as a “unique brand of awkward comedy genius.”

As for the main act, “the Lizardman,” you might have seen him on National Geographic, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, or elsewhere on the interwebz because of his unusual body modifications that include tattoos, a bifurcated tongue, multiple piercings, and implants. In short, he’s a professional freak. Literally. And yes, you can do that for a living. He performs in sideshow acts, stand up comedy, and fronts a band called Lizard Skynard.

Jeramy Westbrook will also perform. Westbrook recently won funniest person in OKC at the Loony Bin Comedy Club’s Annual Comedy Competition. RUNDUS, described as “high energy, take-no-prisoners” comedy, is slated to be the main support for the show.

Not sure about “the Lizardman”? Check out his FAQ, he seems like a decent enough fellow. Although his bifurcated tongue might be considered a strange mixture of disconcerting and yet curiously intriguing as he can move both parts of it up and down. And also in weird parallel circles. It’s something to see for sure. Stay tuned as OKC.NET’s Daniel Page will have a more in-depth feature on “the Lizardman” later.


Tickets are available at OKCComedy.com and metro Guestroom Records locations.
This event is sponsored by the following businesses: Fowler VW of Norman, Forward Foods, New World Comics.

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