Person of Interest: Chelsey Cope

Photo by Taylor O'Neal

Songbird Chelsey Cope is an emerging talent in the 405 with a lush, beautiful voice and gorgeous song composition. She has a show tonight with Defining Times at The Blue Note at 9:30pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch two awesome acts in the Oklahoma City area.

1) Who are your biggest musical influences?

Jeff Buckley, Cat Power, Thom Yorke, John Legend, Bonnie Raitt

2) Tell us about your songwriting process.

It’s equivalent to being trapped inside a tornado.. I usually write guitar parts first, find something catchy and unique that I enjoy playing and start singing to the rhythm. Usually the words I sing out loud are a lot better than the ones I spend hours trying to explain on paper.

3) Top five favorite local bands?

1. Lemma (I just recently met and got to know these guys and their music, it’s something special)

2. John Moreland and the Black Gold Band (cha-ching)

3. The Other Lives

4. Dead Sea Choir

5. Twelve Sons (Because I believe in them, and their music makes me want to expand my knowledge)

4) Top five favorite non-local bands?


Jeff Buckley

Talking Heads

Real Estate

Fleet Foxes

5) Top five favorite films?

1. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (I’ll never stop loving this movie)

2. Paris, Je T’aime

3. The Princess Bride

4. Tales From the Crypt (not a movie, but damn, did I love that show)

5. Harry Potter films (guilty)

6) Top five favorite artists?

1. My Aunt. Judy Claudette Williams. Battled a lot of things in her life which deserve no recognition, just an applause for attempting to fail the determination of her soul. (amazing painter)

2. Ryan Lawson. (an amazing singer song-writer who I continuously look up to)

3. Michael Cooper (amazing photographer)

4. Hunter Nesbitt

5. Lauren Little (An inspiration, friend, and talented musician that I got to share the spotlight with)

7) Favorite website?

The Onion

8) Favorite 405 hang-out spot?

The Other Room in the Paseo

9) Favorite local restaurant?

S&B Burger Joint

10) What projects are you working on right now?

I’m currently discussing ideas with some talented friends of mine for my first music video, while planning out the EP that will be in progress next month in Tulsa titled “A Deeper Root”.

Chelsey’s Websites:
Chelsey Cope Music
Chelsey Cope on Facebook
Chelsey Cope on Soundcloud
Chelsey Cope on Youtube

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