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wildflower1 The local boutique crawler groaned with disappointment when they found out wild.flower’s 23rd street location had closed down. Good news quickly followed on the heels of the bad: They were re-opening only a short time later in the beloved Plaza District. The Plaza District (check out Jenn Barron’s neighborhood guide piece) is located along NW 16th, and features some of the most progressive, style-conscious shops, galleries and boutiques in the entire metro area.

Wild.flower is right at home in their new space. The soft mustard walls create a beautiful backdrop to the folksy, bohemian products on display. The shop is owned and maintained by 23-year old Kaleen Ezelle and her mother, Margo Connell. Like most successful partnerships, they share complementary strengths. Kaleen is the visionary type who primarily handles the creative end of the business, while Margo is financially savvy. But, they both share customer service, product sourcing, inventory, display, and marketing duties.


Smell This.

Wild.flower is spacious, with a generous floor plan that makes it easily navigable. It is stocked with a mixture of local and commercial products. Some of the commercial favorites are the Tokyo Milk line (Do yourself a favor and snag a travel candle, perfume, or bubble bath from Tokyo Milk. You’ll love the gorgeous packing and heady scents), “Greetings from Oklahoma!” postcard tees, and Nick & Mo’s line of clothing. Local favorites Bella Vita and Lyonique sell handmade jewelry at wild.flower as well. Pottery is one of their best selling objects, with new pottery stock coming in soon!


Smell This, too.

In addition to accessories, kitchenware, interior decorating products, and clothing, they also have a line of products for infants, and a display dedicated entirely to products for men. Kaleen said she wants customers of wild.flower to feel unique, and tries to stock something for everyone. Of her overall goals she says, “I want my customers to have access to artistic, interesting products at affordable prices.” That’s the clincher here: this place is affordable. Even a starving artist like me can afford most of the stuff in this place – which is dangerous for my pocketbook, and good for wild.flower. Prices in the store range from $3-$150, but the median price is more along the lines of $35. For example, if your wardrobe needs a pick me up, snag a sweet polka dot cardigan (pictured) for $33, or new necklace for $12. This is Anthropologie style on a budget. (Has a better sentence ever been typed? I doubt it).


The accessory wall at wild.flower

Wild.flower has big plans and many things in store for the future. Their website is currently getting a makeover by fabulous web designer Erin Cooper. They are also shooting a Lookbook with everyone’s favorite local photographer, Samantha Lamb. Wild.flower has gallery space reserved in the back for shows, and will be hosting more artists in the future. They are currently looking for artists to show during LIVE on the Plaza.


Hipster Couture

Wild.flower re-opened on February 19, but they are hosting a Grand Re-Opening Party during LIVE on the Plaza (March 11, 2011). During their party they will have cupcakes and coffee from Cuppies and Joe, a 10% off storewide sale, a featured product that will be 16% off, and a special featured artist.

I was a little cliché during my interview with Kaleen when I asked her to use a single adjective to describe wild.flower. She thought for a moment, and said, “Inviting.” I’m going to go ahead and offer a few more words to describe this wonderful shop: Eclectic. Warm. Unique. Inspirational. Affordable.


Wild.flowers’ website.
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