A New Years’ Gift From A Reluctant Oracle

I read tarot cards.

Now, if you believe that tarot cards are evil or just disapprove of them on general principle, you should stop reading now, because I am going to talk about them at length…

I would not want to see you upset…

Ok, they’re gone. Let’s get to it.

I’ve read tarot cards for about 20 years. Like juggling, it is a handy skill to have. It’s lots of fun at parties, and if you’re ever short on cash you can support yourself without resorting to illegal activities. Now, I don’t do any of that lifting-curses stuff. I have an aversion to chicken guts, and my snake dancing really leaves a lot to be desired. I just read the cards and let you deal with the information they impart in your own way.

Tarot cards differ from regular playing cards, but like playing cards they have four suits. Each suit represents the four aspects in life that drive the human experience:

Cups = Love and relationships
Wands = Spirituality and emotional growth
Swords = Assertiveness and personal power
Coins = Money, business, and material things

I have noted over the years reading in coffee houses, parties, and psychic fairs that when people want a look into their future, they only want to know about love and money. Cups and coins, coins and cups! “Does he love me?” “Will I get promoted?” Never have I had someone come to me for a reading and say, “I want to know if I will be more in tune with myself and my world,” or “Will I grow stronger as a person?” I feel that if people would pay more attention to the wand and sword cards, they might have a better chance of getting that money and finding the love they seek. Nothing worthwhile comes without effort. Working on your emotional growth can help you see the love that is all around you, and people who exude confidence and personal power attract love and money like a magnet.

But enough preachy-preacherson talk from me. I have a gift for you, all of you. I have done a reading for you for 2011. I only used the 4 suits – tarot also has 20 Major arcana cards, but we will get to those some other day. So let us consult the cards and see what the future holds, shall we?

When I do a reading I tell the subject to ask the question they want answered in their mind as they shuffle the cards. Sometimes they tell me the question, but I don’t encourage it. It is much more impressive when I answer the questions without being told what they are. Now, since you are not physically here, let me shuffle the cards for you. The question I am asking is, “What does the future hold for the readers of okc.net? What do they need to know?”

I lay the first card on the table. This card is you as you are now, and it is the 9 of Swords. Last year was tough and filled with a lot of stress. The 9 of Swords says you are worried that 2011 might be as bad or even worse.

But fear not – your second card, which signifies what is happening in the present, is the Ace of Wands. This means that significant opportunities for personal growth are all around you. Look for them and use them to ensure that 2011 is a better year for you. I always say, “What does not kill you usually pisses you off, and you’re ready for it the next time.” You may be once-bitten, but instead of being twice-shy, be doubly prepared.

The third card is the question card, and it is the Ace of Coins. You want to know about money, and I don’t blame you. The economy has everyone worried – everything is going up in price, and you wonder, “How am I going to pay for it all?”

The fourth card speaks of your past, and it is the Ace of Swords. Remember what I said about assertiveness and confidence. This card says that the recent past has been a fight for you to make ends meet, to make it all work. You have had to really put yourself out there, and you are stronger for it.

The fifth card regards your future, and it is the Queen of Swords. This says that you have learned some tough lessons and you will not forget them. You will take what you have learned and use it to make your future better for you and your loved ones.

Now I draw four more separate cards that will give us a little more detail about the answers to our question.

The first of these separate cards is the Eight of Swords. It tells us that you are not out of the woods yet; there are many issues to untangle before you can fully concentrate your efforts on your newfound goals.

Thankfully, the second card is the Seven of Coins. This card reveals that you already have ideas for the changes you want to make in your life, and you are nurturing those plans even as you sort out the difficulties still around you. Good for you!

The third card is the Six of Cups. This card wants it known that when you need a recharge, you will find it by spending time with your family. I do not mean blood relatives – I mean your chosen family. These are the people that make you feel welcome and wanted. Give yourself more time with these people. Share your experiences and tell them of your hopes and plans. They can support you in your endeavors and give you the strength to get things done.

The last card is the Three of Wands, and I think this card pleases me the most. It shows you standing tall looking to the sunrise, at the beginning of a brand new day and a brand new future. You are ready to meet your destiny with open eyes and an open heart.

I will end your reading as I do all my readings: Nothing is written in stone here. Now that you have this information you can do anything you like with it. Forewarned is forearmed. Make your future the best it can be for you. That is your reading. Do with it as you will.

(c) Holly Leach, All rights reserved.

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