Mayridge Thrift

By Holly Leach


Hey everyone, I’ve been cruising the southside of OKC lately and have found some really cool places…I will tell you about them all in due time, but let’s start with something close to my heart:

Thrift stores and resale shops

I love going to thrift stores.

“Why?,” you may ask.

The simple answer is because I’m cheap. And I am. I am the gal that, when complemented on her outfit, will proudly exclaim,”I know, right? and the whole thing cost me just 15 dollars!!”



But it is more than that…I like to reuse and repurpose things when I can, and I like to shop localy. I also think it is the primal hunter-gatherer in me, wanting to search for that way-cool thing that noboby else has.

So the store I found for you this time is Mayridge thrift at 4513 S May. I really liked the overall feel of the store; it reminded me of the funky little resale shops I used to frequent when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area. A little bit of everything, and quite a few unexpected things in the mix.

I started my quest looking for second hand furniture stores. I don’t know about you, but it irks me when some plastic smile and hairpeice wearing guy on tv tells me that I am getting a bargin shelling out two grand for a place to eat my dinner. Mayridge has a very nice furniture selection, modest but good condition furniture with nice prices to boot. Take that, tv hucksters!

I was also impressed with the way Mayrige sets up their clothing selection. I am not an organized person, but I so love that trait in others. Mayridge sets things up by SIZE not just by type of clothing or gender, and everything was easy to look at; I wasn’t shoving hangers to the left and right so I could get a good look at things. My husband noted that the suits they had were more current than the bigger thrift stores, so you wouldn’t looklike you were wearing your dads old suit if you wore one to a job interview (he comes in so handy sometimes)

Mayridge also has a nice and orderly display of housewares and collectables for  all tastes.

So while you are shopping on the southside give Mayridge a look …I hope you find your way-cool thing.

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