Shameless Self Promotion

Here at, we value our awesome contributors. However, until we start rolling in the dough, our admiration will have to be expressed in ways other than monetary. Our solution? Allowing each contributor to plug something they are either working on or involved in; a “Shameless Self-Promotion”, if you will. This once-a-week feature will hopefully bring additional attention to some great music, art or events happening in the OKC area. After all, isn’t that what this site is all about? And with the talent we have on staff, we shouldn’t be in short supply of things to highlight. So, take look and help a writer/photographer/artist/musician/comedienne make some money, will ya?

This week’s contribution comes from our photo editor, Natalee Dobbs. She is the owner and photographer of Time of Your Life Photography, specializing in natural-light portraiture. Natalee is currently accepting bookings for two boudoir photography sessions to be held at the Colcord Hotel in January. Check out her flier for more information!


(c) 2010 Natalee Dobbs All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce photos without Natalee’s permission.

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