Someplace Else: A Sandwich Apart

With all the chain sandwich shops around, it’s easy to miss the local places, but it’s worth it to go somewhere without uniforms, forced smiles, overpriced add-ons, and advertising gimmicks. Someplace Else reminds you that pausing for a quick sandwich for lunch can be a rewarding and relaxing break from the work day.


Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll usually find yourself greeted by someone taking orders ahead of the register to keep the line moving quickly.

If you have trouble deciding, the staff is happy to help; just let them know which ‘wiches you’re leaning toward.

They offer a variety of good choices, but my favorite is what Someplace Else calls # 14 Avocado & Cream Cheese and I call sandwich nirvana. Soft rye bread, avocado, cream cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and crunchy bacon (with just enough grease to make you fall in love) unite in a sandwich that fits in your hands.


The Avocado Cream Cheese probably isn’t for everyone, but the shop has a large assortment of sandwiches to choose from. With everything from pastrami and corned beef to tuna salad and a veggie delight that packs a variety of vegetables and flavor, I’m willing to wager that if you can’t find a sandwich you love at Someplace Else, you probably… just don’t like sandwiches.

Someplace Else, on top of baking wonderful breads, sells a variety of freshly baked sweets. At about 25 cents a cookie, their selection is pretty irresistible, and also makes a nice gift to help perk up everyone at the office after lunch.

Someplace Else a Deli and Bakery
Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
2310 N Western Ave, (405) 524-0887

(c) Kim Hickerson 2010 All Rights Reserved. Kim is a writer living in Crestwood, Oklahoma City.

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