okc.net: we want to be your happy place.

Hi, Oklahoma City. How’s it going? New shoes? They look good. Have you lost weight?

You might be wondering why I decided to start a website. (You probably aren’t wondering that, but humor me). Like everyone on the internet, I just like to hear myself talk…but I also hope to provide a valuable service.

Come with me on a journey…

(Actually, I might listen to Journey while I write this)

You turn on your computer in the morning. You look at the messages that have accumulated in your various social media platforms overnight (“Oklahomans for Robot Rights- 11 friends like this”), you eat some stale pizza, you take a shower, shave whatever it is that you need to shave (face/legs/other)…you have 45 minutes before you have to put on your blue polo shirt and clock in at Partytacular, “Where The Party Never Stops!”.

What are you going to do with those 45 minutes?

Let me invite you to spend them in a quiet, friendly, digital oasis…hear about cool things that you can actually afford to do, maybe laugh a little, maybe learn a little.

That oasis is okc.net.

it’s okc.net, all lowercase, not OKC.NET.

We’re not here to shout at you. No one likes getting shouted at first thing in the morning.

Oklahoma City is the sort of place where there are always things going on, but you kind of have to look for them. If finding cool things to do were a game, we would all, by virtue of living here, be way better at it than people who live in, say, Austin. People who live in NYC are essentially cheating at this imaginary game. When there’s a constant stream of glossy manufactured events thrown at you every single day, it’s easy to overlook the cool little things. I live for the cool little things; I like things that are authentic, unpretentious, independent, spontaneous and self directed. Oklahoma City is all of those things, and I want okc.net to be all of those things too.

Can we pull it off?

Don’t stop believin’.


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