â–² Kitty Rhombus “Spectre at the Feast” Album Release – Minneapolis â–¼

March 1, 2014 @ 3:30 pm
Hexagon Bar

The Minneapolis celebration of the new Kitty Rhombus album, “Spectre at the Feast”! A limited number of CDs and cassettes will be available.

Spectre at the Feast is a holiday of interlocking guitar contortions and solemn riffs that creates a guttural grunge, both rabid and sensual. Dining at this sonic feast, you taste a copious spread of pulsing rage-funk and solid protein energy that waxes and wanes within complex, prog-minded ingredients.

About the title, it may be easy for the listener to imagine finding oneself seated at a dining table, surrounded by party guests both welcome and unwanted, and wondering: What are they doing here? What could I be doing here?

Pass the pepper, Frank Zappa? Handle the plate with care, as you pass the next song casserole to Kurt Cobain. It is still warm in its dish; it was baking for hours, or perhaps eternities. Beware, for it can be dangerous to listen on an empty stomach. Is someone fighting in the next room? A tension in the air like the division of an atom, yet at this table, a potluck emerges.

Captain Beefheart left some gravy-soaked fingerprints on the new white linen tablecloth. Will somebody get a rag to dab that up?

How about some light-hearted table conversation? Who can travel the fastest into the future? Who can travel further?
When listening to the next course, beware of magic explosive bits in the central onion. It must be peeled to be part of the fun of this new progressive listening experience.

This feast takes place in honor of something dark beyond darkness, in some hilarious joke about the universe. Bon Appetite!

Kitty Rhombus

Wage Theft

Hardcore Crayons



Link for Madison release: https://www.facebook.com/events/1455850774638739/