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Helen Grant

Biting the Apple is an annual erotic art show held at Individual Artists of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. This year the event takes place on Friday May 2nd and Saturday May 3rd at IAO’s Gallery located at 706 W. Sheridan on Old Film Row. It is between Shartel Ave. and Lee Blvd. Event times run from 7 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. both evenings.

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BTA Artist: Jerry Palumbo

BTA Artist: Jerry Palumbo


I got a chance to preview the art work submitted, and I was delighted to see guys getting some action in this show in ways I haven’t quite seen in prior years. All said, I interviewed IAO director Kendall Brown about this year’s event to find out what else is new and if there might be any extra surprises this weekend.


BTA Artist: Joel Moore On an unrelated note, this that background reminds me of Metronomy's latest album "Love Letters". Also, I warned you this was going to get NSFW.

BTA Artist: Joel Moore
On an unrelated note, that background reminds me of Metronomy’s latest album cover for “Love Letters”.  And didn’t  I warn you this was going to get NSFW? Yeah. Surprise!


OKC.NET: Tell me, what’s new this year?

Brown: Well, first and possibly most importantly, the artwork this (and every year) is completely new. One of the most exciting things about Biting the Apple is that every year it represents a completely new set of provocative art.

Also new this year are a few completely new types of live performance entertainment. For people that largely expect burlesque out of Biting the Apple, that is on Friday night. We will have “BearLesque,” featuring male performers. On Saturday night we will feature live music, with a performance at 10 p.m. by local band Them Hounds. In addition, both nights we will have the women of Pineapple Rag, a group of women that create live paintings using their bodies. It’s very exciting to feature performers that blur the line between performance and visual art!


BTA Artist: Andrea Duran Kind of psychedelic and I believe I have seen her work at Dreamer Concept Studios in Norman.

BTA Artist: Andrea Duran
Kind of psychedelic and I believe I have seen her work at Dreamer Concept Studios in Norman.


OKC.NET: Has feedback from prior years shaped some of the new things people can expect this year?

Brown: Yes, absolutely! We are constantly soliciting feedback. I would say the thing that was most influenced by the previous year’s feedback was the visual art exhibition. The show has absolutely been getting stronger each year, and this year is the strongest exhibition it’s been, possibly in the history of Biting the Apple.

This is largely due to feedback we’ve received in the past, as well as an increased numbers of entries (this year Biting the Apple is a nationally juried show).  As a female, I’m very excited to say this year we have a lot more female artists participating, working with both the male and female form. There is also a wider range of body types represented in several of the pieces, which is very progressive, as well as very necessary.


BTA Artist: Subtle Shades Photography I could make a James Bond related joke or reference a Japanese fetish, but I'm just going to let this one slide.

BTA Artist: Subtle Shades Photography
I could make a James Bond  joke or reference a Japanese fetish, but I’m just going to let this one slide.


OKC.NET: What should people expect on Friday vs Saturday?

Brown: Well, first of all, both nights are fantastic, and I recommend coming to both (we offer two night tickets in advance.) The great thing about Biting the Apple being two nights is that each night takes on a personality of its own, and it’s hard to predict what they will be like.

However, I can say that if someone is more interested in performance art, Friday night is probably their night, and if they’re looking to see some live music, Saturday night is where it’s at. Both nights, however, will feature the Dustbowl Dolls and two fantastic DJs, as well as drag queens, a truly wonderful art exhibit, and great food and drinks.


BTA Artist: Philip Green Just know this is one of a series of photos. I like all three, but my favorite is the full monty.

BTA Artist: Philip Green
Just know this is one of a series of photos. I like all three, but my favorite is the full monty pose.


OKC.NET: Tell me about the juried part of the show.

Brown: Well, I’ve already been gushing about it, but I don’t mind doing so a little bit more. Our jurors this year were one of the strongest teams of jurors we have ever had. George Oswalt is a nationally exhibiting painter who taught both college and high school art for over 30 years and is included in both private and public collections all over the nation. Alexandra Knox is a sculptor who recently took a new position teaching at Coastal Carolina and is currently on exhibit as one of the prestigious Art 365 artists. And Samantha Dillehay is a professor at East Central University where she teaches audio and video production, while working independently as both a professional artist and curator.

So these three were the stellar team that chose the show. There are more than 70 pieces in the show, curated from more than 160 separate submitted pieces. Needless to say, the exhibition was very competitive this year. The show is going to feature some of the most talented, provocative artists Oklahoma has to offer, alongside some fantastic artists from around the nation.


BTA Artist: Austin Reams For the pop culture enthusiasts, a little Dark Side reference.

BTA Artist: Austin Reams
For the pop culture enthusiasts, a little “Dark Side” reference.


OKC.NET: Got anything super risque planned?

Brown: We’ll leave that a surprise.


BTA Artist: Qi Wang Oh, man. I have no words other than "This is pretty awesome."

BTA Artist: Qi Wang
Oh, man. I have no words other than “That one is a fighter.”


OKC.NET: A lot of people have common sense, and while this is an event like no other – where you totally get to fly your freak flag – what are some ground rules people should know about their outfits, behavior, and other things of that nature? I know asking permission to take photos of people in their outfits is something polite people do.

Brown: I think the main thing people need to keep in mind is respect of others. Absolutely let your hair down, wear an outfit you may not have the guts to wear the rest of the year, have some drinks and most of all have a great time – but remember that other people deserve to have a great time too. This means definitely no touching the artwork – party or not, we’re still in a gallery, and much of the artwork is delicate – but also no touching the performers. We are so indebted and grateful to our performers, who generously give their time to make Biting the Apple happen, and therefore help raise a lot of money for IAO’s programming throughout the year. Treating them with respect is incredibly important.

Staying safe is also very important – if you drink, don’t drive. To that end, we’re partnering with both Tipsy Tow and UBER to make sure everyone gets home safe.

OKC.NET: What haven’t I asked that you feel is important for folks to know about this year’s B.T.A. ?

Brown: I think reminding people that Biting the Apple is not only a great two night celebration but also an incredibly important fundraiser for Individual Artists of Oklahoma. Biting the Apple is our largest fundraiser of the year, and through the money we raise, we’re able to keep 98% of our programming free year round, such as:

1. A monthly art walk, which IAO has spearheaded, happening every third Friday. This monthly event is growing quickly, but currently provides free programming to more than 3,000 people.

2. Weekly arts programming for homeless students through a partnership with Positive Tomorrows. The program provides arts education in a caring environment for these children, with each lesson containing an art therapy-styled approach, including discussions about safe spaces, healthy emotional outlets, and dealing with trauma and loss.

3. Providing exhibition opportunities to hundreds of artists over the course of the year, through solo and group exhibitions in both the Main Space and Project Space galleries.

So when people come to Biting the Apple, buy tickets, buy drinks, and buy art, not only does that money guarantee a great time as well as (in the case of the art purchase) help support those working artists, it also helps keep incredibly important programming alive!


Well, there you have it readers. This event will rock your socks. Here’s a link to tickets. If you go: be respectful, responsible, and safe. Remember, the word “adult” has more than one connotation.

Also to add the event to your Facebook calendar see this link. Updates about the event can be found on IAO’s social media and that event page. If you want to volunteer for the event, you can get in free for a night just by signing up for one shift right here.

Here are the performance schedules for both Friday and Saturday:

Friday Night Entertainment Schedule
8pm – Dust Bowl Dolls
9pm – Pineapple Rag
10pm – BearLesque

Saturday Night Entertainment Schedule
7pm – 8pm Outside in front of Gallery – The Flying Okie
730pm – Pineapple Rag
830pm – Dust Bowl Dolls
10pm – Them Hounds


BTA Artist: Michael Rahn

BTA Artist: Michael Rahn

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