THE LI$T: 2.25.14




by Derek Moore


I’ve got an especially exciting assortment of music for you all this week, LI$TNRS. I’m going to keep the rundown brief due to allergy-related illness that’s making it hard for me to string coherent words together. Here we go:


  • *Temples’ album “Sun Structures” just came out, and it’s an immaculate production of ‘60s psychedelic pop rock throwback. Listen to it in all its beauty.
  • Fanfarlo’s latest album “Let’s Go Extinct” isn’t my cup of tea, but having achieved the notable status level they have, I figured they should be mentioned.
  • Cloud Nothings have a new album out April 1st. “I’m Not Part of Me” is the first taste they’ve released from it.
  • UK-based Cheatahs just released their self-titled full-length. It sounds like early ‘90s rock. Check the album out if that era’s your bag.
  • Angel Olsen’s new “Burn Your Fire for No Witness” is excellent. You’ve heard me ramble about her before. Listen to the album.
  • Speedy Ortiz has a great new EP out. Real Hair is heavy, grungy and pretty, and you should give it a listen. I’m also thrilled to share that my band DEERPEOPLE will be playing with Speedy Ortiz in Denver March 22nd at Moe’s BBQ. If you’re in the area, might I interest you in some tickets?
  • Mali-based Tinariwen’s new album “Emmaar” is a nice view into a different take on guitar-driven rock. Personally, I love it.
  • Electro pop duo Phantogram just released “Voices” last week, and it’s pretty good. If you liked the first album, you’ll probably like this one too.
  • If you enjoy thoughtfully constructed, carefully orchestrated cinematic music, you’ll love Lost in the Trees. Their newest effort “Past Life” isn’t my favorite thing they’ve done, but that in no way belittles this album because of the sheer magnitude of how much I love them. Give it a go.


I know I said I’d keep it short, but my false sense of entitlement and strong propensity to share my opinion made it harder than I thought. Regardless, I’m done now. Check back next Tuesday for a fresh LI$T that you’re bound to love.


*Editor’s note: You may already know I’m going to say this, but, yes, Temples will be at Austin Psych Fest this year too. Also Denver peeps, should you be reading, I’ve seen DEERPEOPLE many times. They’re good live and if I can Houdini my way out of the ties that bind for a night, I turn up at the local shows from time-to-time, but you don’t have to take my word for it. I had another writer from a background that’s in many ways different mine cover them too.

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  1. As a resident of the Denver area, I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about; I just hope it means you will be here soon.

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