The LI$T: 1/21/2014

By: Derek Moore




Shalom, LI$TNERS. As promised and rightfully should be expected, I have another compilation of music for your ears/hearts/bodies/souls to devour and enjoy.

  • As I’ve previously mentioned, I love Angel Olsen. Her voice is unique, and her songwriting is impeccable. She has a new album out February 18th, and this song is a taste of what’s to come. Given the quality of this track, we all have reason to be excited.

  • Real Estate makes songwriting seem easy and somehow breezy. This track is their first single from their forthcoming album Atlas- out March 4th, and yet again, we can unite in our excitement for new music this year.

  • Damien Jurado understandably draws comparisons to Nick Drake. If you like Nick Drake (and who doesn’t?), you’ll enjoy this single from his new album Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, which happened to be released today.

  • Temples is new to me. I don’t know how I’d neglected to hear about them until now, but it basically sounds like James Mercer singing for Tame Impala. Needless to say, they’re great.

  • I Break Horses had fallen off my radar since their last album was released in 2011. Luckily for us, they’ve returned with a promising album Chiaroscuro, which is also out today.

  • Painted Palms is also new to me. It makes sense that Of Montreal has toured with this band. Check out this track, and you’ll undoubtedly understand/agree.

  • I’ll admit it. London Grammar should have been a staple for me last year, and somehow I missed the entire train. They’re fantastic. Her voice is fantastic. The instrumentation is fantastic. Everything about this album is fantastic. Please forgive me for the overdue introduction to this band.

  • Lost in the Trees was one of my favorite bands in recent years. Apparently they’ve decided to ditch the orchestration for which they’re primarily recognized, and frankly, I’m not sure it was a good idea. Regardless, the strength of songwriting is still there, so let’s hope the new album, out February 18th, can still hold up without the lush instrumental support.

  • Besides Daniel is the project of Danny Brewer, a singer/songwriter from Atlanta. I happened across this tune due to NPR. Thank you, NPR. I love this song, and I think you will too. I hear a lot of Jonsi (the Sigur Ros frontman) influence in this track, so if you like feeling emotions and whatnot, this’ll be right up your alley.

That’ll wrap things up for me. I’ll be back next week with another batch of tunes, so make sure check back in Tuesday. Enjoy.





*Editor’s note: Of Montreal is another band set to play Austin Psych Fest this year. Their 2014 line up is lookin’ might fine and I’m eagerly awaiting the second lineup announcement. Also noteworthy, I know people in Norman (at Gray Owl Coffee specifically) are catching onto my psych-folk rock favorite Quilt because I heard their new album there earlier today; they’re also at Austin Psych Fest this year too. It made me so happy to hear their new material playing on someone else’s speakers and that Quilt is getting recognition. Grey Owl also played War Paint‘s new album while I was there too. War Paint was at Austin Psych Fest in 2013, and I would wager they could be there again in support of that album. If you love this kind of music, make Austin Psych Fest a thing you go to this year. It’s completely worth the trip if listening to a kaleidoscope of psychedelic styles is thing close to your heart. And it doesn’t even conflict with Norman Music Festival as it’ll happen May 2-4. Seriously, you will love it.

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