Music: EP Review and Interview with OKC’s WeKilledTheLastSuperhero

by Derek Moore

If you’re looking for calm, soothing tones or an easy listen for your stroll through the park, then WeKilledTheLastSuperhero is not the droid, er, band you’re looking for. This band packs a heavy punch of gristly rock in their debut EP, released earlier this month.
Judging by song titles like “Walking Through Space” and “Supersonic Ray Gun,” it’s immediately apparent that the band aims for the psychedelic sphere, and if you listen to the EP (available at their bandcamp), you’ll find the band has succeeded in this task, landing in thought-provoking territory that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Amidst the haze of guitar-driven rock, pop and blues elements present themselves clearly in tracks “All She Sees Is Beautiful” and “Supersonic Ray Gun,” respectively. And by the time you’ve immersed yourself in the psychedelia-rich track “Mountain,” thoughts of Pink Floyd will be swimming through your brain. Finally, the appropriately titled closing track “The Last Superhero” culminates in an amalgamation of the aforementioned influences, tying the EP together fittingly.

While the EP is already out and primed for listening, the band is still in the process of planning a proper release show with the date still yet to be determined. For more insight into the group, head to their Facebook page, and check out an interview I conducted with the band below.






Band Interview:
First off, how did the band come about? Give me the scoop.
Our guitarist/singer Dylan Eubanks came up with the band idea in high school comic book class. He recruited members from Tulsa to start writing music and develop the band. After relocating to OKC for ACM@UCO, the band now consists of Dylan Eubanks, Michael Aubuchon, Travis Brazeal, and Ben Holeman.
-You guys have a rather striking name. What’s the story behind it, and is there any relation between it and the style of music you play?
You can’t dissect the name “wekilledthelastsuperhero” for a literal meaning. It has its own life; it suggests extreme emotion. Our music is all about feeling.
-On that note, how would you describe your sound, and what are some of the major influences behind your music?
Psychedelic Rock. We are influenced by love, life, and death. We strive to create energies that people can appreciate.
-I noticed you can download your EP in a name-your-price fashion at bandcamp. This is a common trend with bands trying to make a name for themselves these days. What was your personal philosophy in taking this route? Have you been happy with the results?
We want people to listen and engage with us. Everyone torrents music today, so we decided to let it be free as a whole or pay $1 per track. We are very happy with the results.
-You recorded this album at Pink Floor Studios. How’d you like your experience there?
It’s a psychedelic wonderland. It was like walking into the candy store as a five year old for the first time. We love it there- it’s an amazing artistic atmosphere. Thank you Wayne Coyne.
-I know from experience that recording in Wayne Coyne’s backyard can be pretty interesting at times. Do you have any quirky stories to match the quirky location?
Sadly, no. Everyone seemed to be goofier at Pink Floor though. It was a blast. We ate a lot of pizza and worked on our EP.
-Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to promote via this wonderful platform known as OKC.NET?
We will have an EP release show in the fall- day and time to be determined.
-I know you just recently released this EP, but what are your next plans/steps? What are your next goals?
We want people to know we exist. We are working on writing a new EP. We have grown a lot as a band and are excited to show people our new songs.
-Anything else you’d like to add? Speak now, or hold your peace until you get another opportunity to add it.
We really appreciate all the love and support we’ve seen since we’ve been a band.


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